5 Tips For Successful Meerkat Live Streams

5 Tips for  Successful Meerkat Live Stream

There has been a recent explosion in social media with the emergence of live streaming apps - meerkat and periscope. This isn't the first time companies have tried to grasp live streaming. However, with the integration of social media, live streaming is becoming more engaging. In fact, these live streaming platforms are being compared to the early days of YouTube. I have tried both platforms and instantly fell in love with Meerkat. I suggest if live streaming is something that you are interested in, you check out both platforms and choose the one that's best for your style. 

Before streaming, I watched users on both. It was fun, but I was already leaning towards Meerkat, due to the engagement factor. On Meerkat, people leave comments, in real time. These comments also push to twitter, to continue the conversation. An awesome way to build a new audience on two platforms at once - Meerkat and Twitter. 

My first Meerkat stream, had three people watching. It was a lot of fun and felt like I was "hanging out" with new people. I continued to stream, and within a week, made the leader board and a lot of new friends, or #meerhomies, as I like to call them.

Example of what meerkat looks like through the video compilation, #HappyGlobe by Meerkater, Jeff Castillo.

Here are 5 tips for successful Meerkat Streams:

1. WATCH STREAMS - Before you start streaming I suggest you check out a few streams to get the idea of what it's like. If you don't know who to follow, start with the leader board. These are the people that have successfully built a style and following on Meerkat. I've also created a Twitter list that showcases my Favorite Meerkasters. This list is updated regularly, as I find new favorites. Please remember, even when you start streaming consistently, you don't forget to support other Meerkasters! Join streams that have only 1-2 people to help that Meerkaster gain the confidence to keep streaming.

2. ENGAGE - Don't be afraid to engage, chat and ask questions when you jump in streams. Meerkasters love to talk, that's why they're on Meerkat (or should be). In fact, a lot of them will give you advice. In addition, when you start your superstar streams - don't forget to TALK to your own viewers. They are giving you their time, appreciate them. Even if you start with 3 people (like me!) those are 3 people that want to spend part of their precious day looking at YOUR face. 

Meerkat Scheduling

3. SCHEDULE - I always schedule my streams. You can schedule 24 hours in advance. It helps people find you easier and "subscribe." They'll get notified when you schedule, when you're about to start and when it goes live. That's THREE reminders to check you out. This is a great way to attract new viewers and prepare them for your topic. When scheduling, I highly recommend you add a photo and believe dimensions are around 600x400. 

4. YOUR VOICE - The best way to find your voice and style is to JUMP IN. Start streaming, people will ask questions, from there, you can gauge what "your audience" wants to hear from you. Once you figure that out, you can tailor content for them. This is a new platform, which means, no one is an expert yet. Experiment, get creative and have fun. In fact, I do streams with puppets sometimes.  

Meerkat Live Stream
Meerkat App Live Stream with Puppets
Meerkat Live Stream

5. KEEP STREAMING - In order to really grow and create your community you have to keep streaming. You don't have to stream all day, but once a day will keep you relevant. I stream once a day for at least an hour, but I've done streams as short as 20 minutes. It's easy to fit into your lifestyle because once the stream is over, there is no extra editing, uploading etc. It is, what it is. 

Hope my tips help you feel comfortable in the world of live streaming. If you're interested, here are a few Meerkat Live Streams I do weekly!











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Black Swan Style and Grace

In the midst of Spring, this time always holds so much change, or perhaps every season is a shedding of the skin. You can't pause or slow down life. Sometimes I wish you could but it continues whether you're ready or not. With that being said, you must embrace life boldly with your head held high.

I recently saw a Ted Talks, on Netflix, which discussed "Power Posing." They did studies that found, standing like Superman or Wonder Woman for two minutes gives a feeling of more confidence, or "power," hence the name.

Black Swan Crista Dress

For the bold women, Black Swan makes clothing to fit your elegance and constantly moving lifestyle. With edgy cuts mixed with feminine silhouettes - Black Swan understands that life is full of complexities. The name Black Swan, comes from rarity and standing out. You're not a wall flower, but a beautiful being meant to turn heads - through school, business and fighting for your dreams. With versatile pieces you can rock at brunch with your friends or a dive bar in Downtown LA. You can find a range of dresses and even motorcycle jackets to fit your taste. 

Black Swan gifted Cute LA this Crista Dress in Ivory and Heart jacket in Total Eclipse. They were styled with favorites including new ball back earrings from Etsy. These items star in the fashion video below featuring the song ”Let me Love You Remix" by Mario (Tim Gunter Remix). Enjoy!

Crista Dress in Ivory Black Swan
Black Swan  Motto Jacket
Black Swan Total Eclipse Jacket

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Raphael Guien of Ortu leather

Entrepreneur Spotlight Raphael Guien

Cute LA had a chance to interview Raphael Guien of Ortu Leather. Located in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. It specializes in leather garmet production. He gave some invaluable knowledge on creating your own business, staying in top shape and being true to yourself. In addition, his passion and enthusiasm leap from his words. Enjoy!

Raphael Guien of Ortu Leather

// What's the inspiration behind Ortu leather?//

La Revolution francaise in L.A.! (laughs).

No, seriously... Well I think for one, growing up in Paris, early on, I was exposed to all kinds of fashion. There were lots of small underground boutiques, featuring local unknown designers and their creations. Designers were coming out with pretty edgy, sometimes provocative clothes. It was really special to witness  all this creation, this risk taking.  And I think that's how, early on, I got a taste for Fashion, "la mode" as we call it there.

I'm not a designer or anything but I think with Ortu leather, I wanted to recreate this sense of creative community. My vision was to build a leather contracting business that would serve and bring together an existing community of fashion minded designers and entrepreneurs, here in the Los Angeles Fashion District. And by bring together, I mean connecting the right people with the right project: whether it be a retailer for a fashion label, a showroom for a designer, or a costume maker for a movie studio. Of course, we weren't going to be the first leather garment production, we knew that. But, something I was big on, from the beginning, was to create this "lieu de vie," this place to gather, meet, create, exchange and make things happen. Not just some factory with a cash register!  Every day, we meet the most interesting people here at Ortu and we feed off each other's creativity.

And today still, this is very important to us. It's part of our DNA! That's why, every now and then, you'll see us hold open house days for fashion schools, and I make it a point to answer every single student's question. I've always had respect for those who want to learn or create, it's a positive thing and I want to help them in any way I can. Also, leathercraft is a noble art. You can't just cheat and buy your way into it, you have to really hone your skills, and it takes time, like every good thing. 

// How did you get started creating it? //

I think, from day one, we placed a focus on each other's strengths, and ran with it. As partners, Daniel, Frank and myself: we all bring diverse experience and specialties and complement each other really well.

For example, Frank has 25+ years of experience in the Fashion business, in Paris France first, then here in the Los Angeles Fashion District. He's collaborated with dozens of national fashion brands, launched his own labels and worked hand in hand with retailers like Barney's, Saks, Macy's, etc. He's been there through thick and thin and I think, better than anyone, he understands all the ingredients needed to launch a fashion line: production costs and logistics, showroom, trade shows, product placement, buzz and so on. That's where we stand out. We address what happens next: the "why", the "how" - We're not just here to make a sale, it's long term. That's why our partnerships typically last years. 

Basically, we care and we love what we do. So, when you ask how we got started... In reality, we simply started with our passion and knowledge. A cutting edge leather jacket, a happy client getting a sale and recognition... Then the thing feeds on itself: reorders, referrals, word of mouth. I'm sorry there's really no secret sauce to reveal here! It just takes a ton of dedication, patience and hard work.

Raphael Guien Quote

// What is the most difficult aspect of being entrepreneur? //

I know it will sound shallow to some, but I would say, first and foremost: always try to be profitable! I know that nowadays we're surrounded with billboards boasting the merits of such and such company that is donating a pair of shoes for each pair purchased, saving the world, lending to the community to create jobs, putting kids through school, etc. But these companies, no matter their message, their image, their brand. Behind the facade, the marketing. They have someone watching the numbers so they can stay in business. If your numbers aren't right, you will quickly run your business into the ground. I've seen it time and time again. It's never pretty.  I think another hard thing to do is constantly asking yourself the question: are the products or services I am selling viable? And if the answer is no, be honest with yourself instead of digging yourself into a hole you won't get out of. You need to think things through and always try to gain perspective and visualize how you can bring each project to fruition.

And I'd like to go back to the patience I was talking about earlier. I think patience is something some entrepreneurs are missing nowadays when they're hoping their brand will go "viral" overnight or when they throw a lot of money on the latest technology gimmick, or the wrong celebrity endorsement. There are a lot of vulture companies out there, preying on small businesses marketing dollars and promising the impossible. 

// What is the most rewarding aspect? //

Of course you don't go into business just to make money you usually have other bigger aspirations. The aspiration can be freedom, as it is in my case. I have big responsibilities and commitments of course, but I wake up feeling free. And that's the promise I made myself a few years back: to try and attain freedom. The freedom where you feel transcended. I don't believe in complaints or fatality. I remember coming to this country with $200 to my name. I tried and failed at many things and left countless jobs, unhappy and frustrated. But now, looking back, every experience had its value, and I know that it's possible! 

Another pleasure I get is seeing other people's dreams and projects come to life every week. Often from the most basic idea: a drawing, a sketch on a piece of paper that becomes a leather jacket on a retailer's shelf. Seeing people around you living from their passion, making a living. It's a good feeling.

Raphael Guien BTS of Ortu Leather

// Best advice for someone that wants to create their own business? //

For tips, I don't think I have any kind of magic potion so I usually like to keep it simple.

- Stay healthy!  I believe in staying on top of your health, otherwise you will limit your potential. To me this means three things: exercise plus healthy food and sleep. I want to give the best of myself all day long and not just business wise. I need to handle the daily stress, make important decisions. I like to compare running a business with running a marathon: it's very long, demanding and you have to be as consistent as possible in your effort.

- Have a plan. It's that simple: every time I start my day, I take a piece of paper and write down what I want to achieve. As I complete each task, I feel good because I know I'm achieving. The feeling of achievement is very important to me mentally. It's a strong driver. Otherwise, because it's my business and nobody's on my back, it's so easy to fall in the trap of answering every email and taking care of small issues, when in reality there are much more important things I should address. And that's how before you know it, you've lost a day that could have been a productive one.

- Build strong relationships. I found out early on that you can't go at it alone. It's not just you on top of this mountain. And that's why, for many years, I have built strong friendships and partnerships with fellow business owners and professionals. We all help each other, one way or another, all the time.  Plus business can come from unlikely places: I can't recount how many times I found myself doing business with a so called competitor. You need to keep an open mind so you can take advantage of opportunities.

I really believe in the theory that, especially in a place like L.A., everything you need is standing right in front of you, but you just don't see it. We all know a lot of people and by extension, we are already connected with the people that can push the right buttons and make things happen.

Well, before we finish, Tiffany, I want to really thank you for this interview, I enjoyed it very much and I hope that some readers will feel encouraged, get an idea, something, anything, from this!  

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Scentbird Fragrance Discovery

Scentbird Fragrance Subscription via Cute LA.png

It's hard for me to commit, to a fragrance. When I go to Sephora I smell every fragrance they have. Comparing, re-spraying and getting confused about what I actually liked. Then I go through a phase where I can't even smell anymore cause I've tried so many. It can be overwhelming and hard to commit to shelling out a hundred dollars.

Scentbird is a New York based fragrance subscription service. Scentbird sends a generous sample of one of their 350+ designer fragrances to your door once a month for a small fee. After completing a scent personality quiz Scentbird finds fragrances that best fit your personality. If you don't want their recommendations, choose any perfume you'd like. Scentbird gifted Cute LA a free month, which came with a refillable designer case. It was a fun process and I ended up getting MARC JACOBS' "Daisy" which I love.

scentbird subscription service

A question I always had was, "what do the different concentrations mean on the fragrance labels?"  Here's a quick breakdown, for next time you're shopping for the perfect scent.

  • Parfum or Perfume: Usually the most expensive and potent in terms of concentration. Longest wear on the skin, often lasting the entire day.
  • Eau de Parfum: Less potent than perfume but still a good concentration. Lasts up to 6 hours.
  • Eau de Toilette: This the most popular style of fragrance because it's reasonable. It's a light scent for shorter wear on the skin - about 2-3 hours.
  • Eau de Cologne: The least concentrated, wear on the skin is up to 2 hours.

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Christopher George Clothing Less Is More

Christopher George Clothing

Been working a lot lately, which is always a blessing. However, getting sleep is another issue. Really need to work on a schedule that doesn't have me going to bed when the Sun comes up. However, this seems to be an issue most entrepreneurs face. In fact, here's a cool list of successful people who worked at night. Including Obama, so whatever I'm in good company!

Now, let's get to the outfit below, I'm rocking Australian brand, Christopher George Clothing, or CG for short. Founded in 2013, It's an indie company that creates simple high quality shirts that promote a smart-casual lifestyle. This is primarily a menswear company, but they were nice enough to gift Cute LA a black and white shirt in extra small. CG Clothing, puts customers first in creating a seamless online experience. With attention to detail, they're passionate about the designs and fabrics used for their collections. In addition, CG clothing supports people living their dreams. You can often find DJs, Artist, Actors and other Creatives sporting their shirts on instagram. The following CG shirts were styled with my favorite ANI Brand shoes (so comfy) and Jakimac leather harness

Christopher George White Logo Shirt
Christopher George Black Logo Tee

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