Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jenn Busch of Ahimsa Clothing

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I've always envied the people that are dedicated to yoga. It's actually a goal of mine. The benefits are endless and there's just a care free quality of it that I love. Cute LA had the chance to chat with Jenn Busch, founder of Ahimsa Clothing. A true yogi she blended her love by creating a clothing line with the goal of comfort and a mission of non-violence. Learn more about Jenn and the inspiration behind the name "Ahimsa."

Jenn Busch

// What's the inspiration behind Ahimsa Clothing? //

My intention was to develop a line of clothing that was an extension of my belief system, with the thought--- What we wear becomes an extension of who we are.  Teaching yoga since 1999 and practicing daily was instrumental in the development of my company. The name I chose is a Sanskrit word that is part of an 8 limbed path that forms structural framework for yoga practice.  Ahimsa is defined as the behavior to not injure any person whatsoever.  It is the act of kindness, friendliness and thoughtful consideration of other people and things. I wanted to share my strong belief in this while inspiring and encouraging other women to do the same… so why not do it through clothing… believe it practice it & wear it.

// How did you get started creating it? //

I started creating Ahimsa after I decided on the name and made a commitment to myself to persevere no matter what challenges arose. I researched for about 12 months through different global networking sites, met with many people in the same industry then chose  to partner with individuals and companies that would inspire me and help me grow. 

// What is the most difficult aspect of being entrepreneurs? //

One of the largest challenges thus far for me was gaining enough momentum to actually get my feet off the ground.. As well as the learning curve in areas I had no education in. Like Logistics! It's difficult to be a one women show learn all aspects of the business. 

// What is the most rewarding aspect of being entrepreneurs? //

I am lucky in this business,  a lot of the time I can choose who I work with.  I love to surround myself with like minded people whom inspire me and give me the courage and know how to move forward. 

Ahimsa Clothing

// What's the best piece of advice for someone that wants to become their own boss?//

Stay extremely organized, expect the unexpected, get lots of advice, educate yourself continually and take the time to reward yourself for all the hard work you put in..

Ahimsa Definition

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ELEVENPARIS Minimalist Allure

ELEVENPARIS Minimalist Allure

Some women demand attention as soon as they enter a room. The reason is, they exude confidence. Confidence is an interesting concept that intimidates many. In fact, we've all had moments that we didn't feel our best. Hell, it's the reason a lot of Stars create alter egos. I find the best tip to gain more confidence, is to pretend to be - after awhile the real confidence will kick in. 

ELEVENPARIS is a Parisian prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) brand rooted in minimalist high quality designs paired with silk screened T-shirts. It was founded by two friends with a vision to combine creativity, contemporary style and pop culture. You’ll find pop culture references that are fun, cheeky and humorous. Some of the designs include models Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne doing finger mustaches.

ELEVENPARIS succeeds in creating a high end company inspired by what’s going on in the cities around us. The celebrities they feature are strong, independent and rebellious. Cara Delevingne changed the perception of models with her unique look and personality. While Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are legendary fierce boss ladies. Have you seen Naomi on Empire on FOX?! She slays. ELEVENPARIS was made to inspire your inner rebel and create some mischief. That’s what life’s about! 

Elevenparis Cara Delevinge T-Shirt
Cara Delevingne Elevenparis Savage shirt
Naomi Campbell Elevenparis Jumper Sweater

For this indie fashion collaboration with ELEVENPARIS, Cute LA was gifted the SAVRA Cara Delevingne "Savage" T-shirt, Suncamp Naomi Campbell Moustache Jumper and FOEBE Jacket. These were styled with a vintage bag from my great grandmother's collection. Love the sparkles! All of these items star in the fashion video below featuring the song”"Elastic Heart" by Sia. 

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Coffee Fix: Coral Tree Café, Brentwood

Coffee Fix Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood

COFFEE FIX is a Cute LA series dedicated to the independent coffee shops and restaurants in Los Angeles. When you start a business, the amount of meetings you take at coffee shops increases. I took it as an opportunity to find hidden gems in the process. 

Coral Tree Café, has three locations - Brentwood, Century City and Encino. I enjoy visiting the Brentwood location. Especially when I have meetings on the Westside - usually with my accountant. Therefore, Coral Tree Café is my slice of happiness in the midst of doing taxes.

Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood Flagship store

Offering organic food and coffee, Coral Tree Café a great place for the health conscious. However, don't get afraid of the word "health" this food is full of flavor. Let's get to the coffee - in addition to being organic, it's shade grown and fairly traded. Shade grown means it's grown under a canopy of shade trees which provides a safe and natural habitat for wildlife. Fair trade supports small farmers (indie!) by helping them get a fair price for their goods, hence the name "fair trade."

The interior of Coral Tree Café is open concept with large windows allowing natural light to flood in. With lots of large wood tables, this place is great for studying and group meetings. Between inside and the patio you'll always find a seat. A holy grail in crowded Los Angeles!

For coffee, we had to go fancy with the vanilla lattes. For food, the Chicken Rosemary Sandwich and Steak Panini (a favorite!). The Chicken Rosemary Sandwich is made using brie cheese, fresh pear, arugula and chicken breast - the brie cheese makes this a winner. The Steak Panini is grilled angus beef hanger steak, bbq onions, roma tomatoes, avocado and provolone cheese

Thank you Simon and Amber of Coral Tree Café for allowing me to visit and take these photos. Enjoy!

Interior Coral Tree Cafe
Desserts at Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood.jpeg
Closeup Coral Tree Cafe Desserts
cute tatted guy at coffee shop brentwood
Interior goodies Coral Tree Cafe
Coral Tree Cafe Vanilla Latte
Chicken Rosemary Sandwich delicious.jpeg
Coral Tree Cafe Chicken Rosemary Sandwich
Coral Tree Cafe Vanilla Latte
Steak Panini Coral Tree Cafe
Close up Steak Panini Coral Tree Cafe
Tiffy Diamond Enjoying a Coffee Fix

Visit Coral Tree Café, 11645 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles CA

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Cindy + Johnny Designed For Ambition

Cindy Johnny Clothing

If you have ambition, congratulations, you're one of the lucky few. Don't ever let those who have no drive or passions - tell you your dreams aren't important. When you're working towards a goal, you'll have to find balance between your personal life and work. This means days turning into nights without a break. Trust me, all of the hard work will be worth it. 

Cindy + Johnny is a clothing brand for the ladies that sometimes don't have time to stop. Going from a business meeting to drinks with friends. The new Spring 2015 Collection is made with luxurious fabrics, pops of color and versatility. When you're a successful boss, entrepreneur or creative - you want to look good while feeling good. Cindy + Johnny is successful in updating the classics for comfortability. They know you need clothing you can live in, with breezy silhouettes and feminine designs.

Cindy Johnny Hanna Peplum Top
Cindy Johnny Ada Tank.jpeg
Cindy Johnny Printer Layer Dress.jpeg
Joy Rider Mellow World Bag Ada Tank

For this indie fashion collaboration with Cindy + Johnny, Cute LA was gifted the printed layer dress, ADA tank and Hanna peplum top. These were styled with the Joy Rider Bag from Mellow World, which was a birthday gift! Love the power color, red. The dress and tank, part of the Spring Collection, star in the fashion video created below for Cindy + Johnny. The song is Ludacris feat. Miguel "Good Lovin'." Enjoy!

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Cinquante A Touch of Quirkiness

Cinquante Jewelry

Statement pieces are an integral part of making an outfit come alive. Especially for the days that could use an extra spark. I have those days... almost everyday. Trust me, throwing on cute accessories can bring a plain outfit, into the world of runway. At least, that's how I feel. Lately, I've been a fan of more dainty jewelry - subtle charms, studs and rings.

Cinquante The Label is a handcrafted jewellery brand made in Adalaide, Australia. Creating affordable, elegant pieces with fine silk thread, sterling silver and brass. They gifted Cute LA with their brass palm tree necklace, sterling silver diamond necklace, and popular heart ring. Each symbolizing a unique aspect of Cute LA - Palm tree for Los Angeles, Diamond for my name and Heart (Love) for Live.Art.Love.

What I love about Cinquante is the ability to mix and match fun limited edition charms you won't find anywhere else. Hello! They have a freaking Pacman Necklace! Their necklaces are lightweight, easy to adjust and great for stack. The ability to layer, at different lengths, makes it exciting to wear charms that resonate with your personality. Check out the photos below for a closer look at this elegant and quirky label. Showing that, yes, you can be both!

Cinquante Packaging and Branding
Cinquante Handcrafted Jewelry
Cinquante Palm Tree Diamond and Heart Jewelry.jpeg
Lauren Moshi Pullover
Cute LA Cinquante Jewelry

These pieces from Cinquante were styled with a Lauren Moshi pullover (ridiculously soft!), Paige Denim and Steve Madden heels. 

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