Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mellow World x Cute LA Fashion Film

Mellow World Handbags and Accessories via Cute LA
Mellow World is an indie Los Angeles based handbag and accessories company. Creating affordable handmade bags with unique design elements and textures. Founder Lillian Chen, was a classically trained musician before transitioning into the fashion industry. Her discipline and attention to detail show in her variety of totes, clutches, backpacks and coin purses. Showing you never have to limit yourself in business, your skills can expand multiple fields. I stumbled upon Mellow World through Instagram when I saw their Tiffany bag. Already in love with the handbag's name, I was thrilled when they wanted to collaborate on a fashion video.

I styled my gifted Tiffany bag with a white button up blouse, black skinny jeans from my Stitch Fix Subscription and handmade earrings from a September Kickstarter campaign I backed. Happy to support a healthy mix of new businesses. What I like about the Tiffany bag is that it includes a zipper closer, inside pockets and a coin purse. Also, the burgundy color and vine texture compliment dressing up or down.
Mellow World Tiffany Bag with Stitch Fix Subscription Jeans via Cute LA
Mellow World Tiffany Bag via Cute LA
Mellow World Tiffany Bag via Cute LA
A lot of Cute LA readers have aspirations of going into the fashion industry. Mellow World encourages future designers and entrepreneurs to collaborate with them in designing their own custom line. This is a great stepping stone for anyone serious about jumping into the fashion world.

As an exclusive gift to Cute LA readers, Mellow World is offering a 10% discount off your purchase. Just use the special promo code: MW10CUTELA       

Mellow World Exclusive Discount Promo Code via Cute LA

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Tiffy Diamond Signature

Monday, September 8, 2014

September Kickstarter Campaigns

September 2014 Fashion, Art, Design Kickstarter Campaigns to Back via Cute LA
Cute LA is about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. The following kickstarter campaigns are my favorite for the month of September. You'll find a mix of fashion, art and design. I backed these companies and artists because I believe in their stories. If you see one that inspires you, take a moment to pledge or share the campaign through social media. 

Founded by Ebenezer Obasiolu, O'Bazzië Classics are bringing back the timelessness of a well structured leather satchel. Ebenezer was inspired to created a company that brings hope. That's why, with every purchase of a satchel, one satchel of school supplies is given to a child in Africa. Funds will help to manufacture the O'Bazzië Classics collection and to reach more schools in Africa. Kickstarter Rewards include: O'Bazzië Classics Satchels (in multiple colors/sizes) and thank you note from the children who receive school supplies.

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Illustrator, Clio Chiang, has worked on numerous projects including Disney's Frozen, Paperman and Winnie-The-Pooh. To say the least, she's talented. For her first art book, Stranger Danger, she illustrates the interesting people she witnesses living in Los Angeles. Funds for this Kickstarter campaign will go towards printing and publishing the book. Kickstarter Rewards include: Signed copies of Stranger Danger and exclusive illustrations.

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Two talented ladies, Camila and Daniela, are opening a Letterpress shop in Portland, Oregon. Having a shared love for letterpress printing, they've recently secured a location for their first store. Through, Letra Chueca/Crooked Letter, they'll provide stationary, notebooks, decorations, invitations - anything that can be pressed. Funds from this campaign will go towards getting, Letra Chueca/Crooked Letter, ready for business. Kickstarter Rewards include: Greeting cards, Notebooks, Invitations, Business Cards and Coasters.

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Artist, Todd Borka, loves a crowd. He enjoys immersing himself in people and being lost in the faces. With the use of black and white, Todd paints crowds of people using indian ink. For this project he will be painting a huge canvas of portraits. Every backer, no matter how much they pledge, will have their portrait included on the canvas. Kickstarter Rewards include: Your face included in the crowd on a large 13ft x 9ft canvas and HD files of your portrait sent to you.

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Kat Mandou, enjoys creating jewelry with vintage and antique pieces she finds traveling, especially from the 1920s and 30s. These earrings are accented with pressed brass, molded glass and lucites. The unique designs include pugs, cats, pharoahs and bats. Funds from this campaign will go towards distributing the line and future designs. Kickstarter Rewards include: Variety of earrings to choose from.

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What do you think of these campaigns? Do you have a favorite? 
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Commodity Premium Fragrances [Fitting Kit]

COMMODITY Premium Fragrances
Working in advertising, I'm obsessed with companies who take pride in their branding and design. Commodity Fragrances, has been a favorite in terms of aesthetics since their kickstarter campaign. From packaging, website, social media, and product they do everything beautifully.

Commodity creates unique perfumes and colognes that you can try at home with their unique fitting kits. Each kit contains ten samples, ranging from Paper to Whiskey and cost $9 dollars. However, as a bonus, you'll receive a promo code applying the $9 as a credit towards a full bottle. So in essence, the fitting kit is FREE.

For the Commodity fitting kit, I cut strips of paper, wrote the name of each scent, then sprayed accordingly. My favorite turned out to be the Gold fragrance, described as "Money in it's liquid form." Below you'll find Commodity's illustration describing Gold in more detail. Though, it was a close race between Pinot, Magnolia and Rain.
Commodity Free Fitting Kit via Cute LA
Commodity Mens Fragrance Samples via Cute LA
Commodity womens Fragrance Samples via Cute LA
Commodity Gold Perfume fragrance full size

Commodity Gold Fragrance Description Illustration
This experience awakens the senses bringing memories of joy, childhood and adventure. Commodity fragrances seamlessly captures the present moment in a bottle, encouraging you to smell the world in an innovative way.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Espalier Sportswear Sexy Fitness Attire + Promo Code!

Espalier is a newly launched active lifestyle brand that weaves sexy styles with designs that can withstand tough workouts. Living in Los Angeles means being surrounded by fitness gods and goddesses. These people put effort into their workout attire like they're about to walk a runway. However, I've learned, looking good can motivate you towards your fitness goals. 

This company was created by Designer Karen Hsieh, whose mission is to create workout attire that inspires confidence, mirroring the provocative silhouettes of lingerie. Knowing my love of staying in shape, Espalier gifted me with the Cropped Wideband Bratop. I'm delighted to report, it's padded in the bust and comfortable. Two "must haves" for me!
Espalier Cropped Wideband Bratop via Cute LA
Espalier Sexy Sportswear via Cute LA
Espalier Workout Attire via Cute LA
Flash Tattoos jewelry inspired temporary tattoos via Cute LA
The versatility of Espalier means it doesn't have be limited to the gym. My Espalier bratop was paired with high waisted shorts and Flash Tattoos which are jewelry inspired temporary tattoos. Make sure to check out Espalier's variety of tops, bottoms and coverups. For my next buy I'm already eyeing the the midriff bratop.

As an exclusive gift to Cute LA readers, Espalier is offering a 20% discount off this collection until September 10th. Just use the Espalier promo code: BBAL3JF2M - Happy shopping!

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What do you enjoy doing for a workout? Would you wear Espalier? Tell me in the comments!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lady in Red + NAPA Auto Parts Commercial

Tiffy Diamond Forever 21 body suit and floral skirt via Cute LA
My color of the year is definitely red, I just love the power in wearing it. I'm stepping out of the box and embracing more color. This outfit is from Forever 21 and the shoes are my new favorites from Steve Madden.
Tiffy Diamond Forever 21 body suit and floral skirt via Cute LA

Random Thoughts
Live Art Love's NAPA Auto Parts Television Commercial
A commercial I produced recently was aired during the NASCAR Daytona International. This is a very big deal, and equals the Superbowl to NASCAR fans. It feels great when my commercials air on television or on the web. However, to have air time bought for such a huge event is a major accomplishment for my production company Live.Art.Love. The below screen cap is from our NAPA Auto Parts commercial in case you've caught it on television lately!
Live Art Love's NAPA Auto Parts Television Commercial
How is everyone's summer going? Do anything fun? Let me know in the comments!