Film News The Flash and Captain Marvel

Film Chat this week, we talk about, The Flash and Captain Marvel. With my quirky side notes and thoughts added in for good measure. This week I bring up sex and cookies

The Flash starring Ezra Miller will hit theaters in 2018. The new director taking over for this film is Rick Fumiyama. The director behind last year's Sundance hit "DOPE." He also wrote and directed classics, "Brown Sugar" and "The Wood." Excited to see what he brings to the table since this will be his first big budget studio film. 

Captain Marvel will hit theaters in 2019. It will be the first Marvel film starring a female superhero. Though the first spot should go to Black Widow. Studios are in early negotiations with Brie Larson to portray the superhero. The Oscar winner is their first choice and Chris Evans has even praised the possibility.

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How to talk to your crush if you're awkward

When it comes to letting my crushes know how I feel. I could use some work. I'm awesome an initiating conversation. It's just, how I start it and where it goes. I felt like I wasn't alone in my quest to get better with crushes. Therefore, I came up with some tips for talking to your crush if you're awkward. Watch my latest YouTube to see full details on my tips to talking to your crush.

Here's a brief overview:

1. Initiate Conversation - Whether it's going up to them in a bar or texting them first. Sometimes you just have to balls up and get it done.

2. Touch Them - Not in a creepy way. But in a playful touch his/her shoulder when they say something witty and on fire way.

3. Be Vulnerable - Nobody has time to wonder for months if you're just friends or more. Just let them know up front and save everyone some time in the process.

BONUS TIP: Get Drunk - Yep if all else fails, take a shot. This will make steps 1 - 3 easier to do. Also, this applies to adults that know what they're doing.



WTF: Annoying People in the Grocery Store

Annoying People in the Grocery Store

I like to do my grocery shopping at night. This is because it feels like less of a cluster fck trying to get around. Being in a crowded market is a true test of zen. The downside to shopping at night is, the freaks come out. I'm quite aware that me shopping at night, makes me a weirdo too. I accept that. Watch my latest YouTube below to see my grocery shopping pet peeves and the people I encounter.



The Magnificent Seven, Baywatch and Jason Bourne

Film Chat this week, we talk about, The Magnificent Seven, Baywatch and Jason Bourne. With my quirky side notes and thoughts added in for good measure.

The Magnificent Seven is the reimagining of the 1960s version starring Steve McQueen. This version has a star studded cast being lead by Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke. Directed by Antoine Fuqua this diverse remake is a modern take on Westerns. It will also be the first time we've seen Denzel Washington on a horse.

The film version of the 90s show Baywatch is currently in production. Starring Dwayne Johnson (also producer) and Zac Efron. Swaying away from the serious tone of the original, this film adaptation will take a comedic route. Though Pamela Anderson will be appearing in a cameoThe role of CJ Parker will be newcomer Kelly Rohrbach.

Jason Bourne is returning with Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass. It's been 9 years since Matt Damon played this role. Boy, did we miss him. The trailer looks awesome. Excited to see the return of this character. Since, I wasn't a fan of The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner. Which is still getting a sequelAFTER Jason Bourne.

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: InCompany by Attire Club

Entrepreneur Spotlight Attire Club

Cute LA had a chance to interview founders Fraquoh and Franchomme, from Attire Club. Where they talked about their new magazine "InCompany by Attire Club." This magazine gives a glance into the fashion elite, offers style tips, photography, business and politics. The perfect reading companion to fashion's "elegantologists." True entrepreneurs, the founders gave Cute LA insight on creating your own magazine and life as fashion entrepreneurs. Read on to learn more:

InCompany Magazine Cover

// What's the inspiration behind InCompany by Attire Club? //

We started Attire Club back a few years ago and after a while, we started thinking whether it we should also make a magazine or not. The online medium is so popular these days, that we weren’t sure whether a magazine in the classic sense would be relevant. Once we found the formula for the magazine, we gave ourselves a green light. The formula was to create a concept diary: we collaborate with so many great people and discuss so many topics on our website, that we wanted to make a journal to showcase that. InCompany is more of a collector’s magazine and, in a way, close to a coffee table book.

// What separates InCompany by Attire Club from similar Magazines? //

The thing that makes our magazine unique is the fact that we cover everything you don’t usually see in fashion magazines: we’re all about discovering Fashion Weeks that are different from the main four ones (not that we don’t love those), exotic brand, as well as innovation in fashion technology and design.

Moreover, we also love to cover the personal aspect of style and explore people’s direct relationship with it.

InCompany by Attire Club

// What were some of the first steps you took in creating your magazine? //

Once we decided on the concept, we chose the theme for the first issue of the magazine. We decided to go with “Accessories and Austria”, as accessories are the thing that adds personality to an outfit and Austria is the home base of Attire Club. As a sneak peak, the theme of the second issue is “Clothes and Cultural Identity” and we will be exploring everything from tribal clothes to wearable technology and the way it will influence our lives.

// What is the most difficult and most rewarding aspect of being entrepreneurs? //

The most difficult thing about being entrepreneurs is that it is quite hard to respond to yourself. Since you are in control, you are often inclined to push deadlines, modify schedules or not keep track of things. However, it is essential that you stay focused and respect the timelines and structures you created. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. On the other hand, this is what is very rewarding too: that your business is flexible, you can take calculated risks can create your own success! In the end, it’s all about being disciplined, as being a true entrepreneur is a daily balancing act.

Entrepreneur Spotlight Attire Club

 // What advice do you have for someone that wants create their own magazine? //

If someone wants to create their own magazine, they should know that the process of creating a magazine from scratch is not an easy road. It seems very easy to make a magazine, but in fact, to create a quality publication, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration: from creating a layout to obtaining permission to use photographs. If you don’t take care of every aspect, you might find the process overwhelming. Also, the one question you need to ask yourself when you are creating a magazine is whether it is relevant. Whatever you do, submit it to this question.

// What do you want people to take away from reading InCompany by Attire Club? //

What we’d like people to take away from reading InCompany by Attire Club is that firstly, style is what you create with everything you can and have and that it is doesn’t exist by itself; style is connected to every other aspect of life; and, secondly, that style can be whatever you want it to be. 

The digital version of our magazine can be bought here.

The print version of our magazine can be bought here.

You can watch the “We Are Fashion” Web Documentary here.

InCompany by Attire Club


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