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Cinquante Jewelry

Statement pieces are an integral part of making an outfit come alive. Especially for the days that could use an extra spark. I have those days... almost everyday. Trust me, throwing on cute accessories can bring a plain outfit, into the world of runway. At least, that's how I feel. Lately, I've been a fan of more dainty jewelry - subtle charms, studs and rings.

Cinquante The Label is a handcrafted jewellery brand made in Adalaide, Australia. Creating affordable, elegant pieces with fine silk thread, sterling silver and brass. They gifted Cute LA with their brass palm tree necklace, sterling silver diamond necklace, and popular heart ring. Each symbolizing a unique aspect of Cute LA - Palm tree for Los Angeles, Diamond for my name and Heart (Love) for Live.Art.Love.

What I love about Cinquante is the ability to mix and match fun limited edition charms you won't find anywhere else. Hello! They have a freaking Pacman Necklace! Their necklaces are lightweight, easy to adjust and great for stack. The ability to layer, at different lengths, makes it exciting to wear charms that resonate with your personality. Check out the photos below for a closer look at this elegant and quirky label. Showing that, yes, you can be both!

Cinquante Packaging and Branding
Cinquante Handcrafted Jewelry
Cinquante Palm Tree Diamond and Heart Jewelry.jpeg
Lauren Moshi Pullover
Cute LA Cinquante Jewelry

These pieces from Cinquante were styled with a Lauren Moshi pullover (ridiculously soft!), Paige Denim and Steve Madden heels. 

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Evelyn Frison & Yehua Yang

Entreprenuer Spotlight Pivotte Clothing

Evelyn Frison and Yehua Yang are the founders of Pivotte - a clothing brand recently launched on Kickstarter. In fact, it's Cute LA's Kickstarter of the Month for February. Had a chance to ask these strong women entrepreneurs what it's like to jump into the fashion business. They provided great insight on creating your own business, detailed steps they took and benefits of being your own boss. Read on, to learn from these best friends who started a successful business together.

Evelyn and Yehua Pivotte Clothing Founders

// What's the inspiration behind Pivotte? //

The inspiration for Pivotte came from our daily lives. We (Yehua and Evelyn) had different types of “on-the-go” lifestyles, but we shared a similar frustration with stylish women’s clothing - it just couldn’t keep up.

The desire to be prepared to quickly switch roles, activities and environments, coupled with the lack of viable fashionable clothing options – led us to Pivotte. 

Also, we wanted to infuse our brand with a sense of empowerment. We want the women who wear our clothing to feel confident and be ready for anything. In Pivotte, feel great (and comfortable) and simultaneously look great - the combination which is not to be underestimated! 

// How did you get started creating it? //

It’s been a long journey, but we’ll try to simplify it:

Once we identified our shared need for clothing that could withstand the rigors of our demanding schedules, we conducted focus groups to gain insight into how women were managing their busy lives. After that, we spent a period of time doing a lot of research. We also thoroughly shopped the market - nearly every women’s brand big and small -  and consistently found that stylish brands couldn’t hold up to our rigorous lifestyles, and functional brands that could, weren’t appropriate for activities outside of the gym, hiking or climbing.

When we hit the creative stage, it began with a lot of brainstorming sessions. We explored different branding directions and product choices. Pinterest was actually instrumental in this stage because it allowed us to pull together thousands of images and pieces of inspiration, then look through the results and analyze patterns that emerged.

At the same time we were pulling favorite items from our own wardrobes and getting really analytical about every detail. We picked apart everything we didn’t like, so we could make sure to fix those problems in our own line. 

From there, we sketched, re-sketched, consulted with the top sample and pattern makers, and produced samples. Then tested those samples, and went through the process again until we got everything to line up with our vision. We also asked for feedback along the way from other women, and fellow female entrepreneurs (who we think the line is perfect for!)

// What is the most difficult aspect of being entrepreneurs? //

The most difficult aspect of being entrepreneurs is establishing the authority of your brand. 

We were lucky to have relationships with relevant, great vendors and manufacturers prior to launching Pivotte.  But we’ve seen and been in situations where vendors aren’t confident about your business, so they may not want to take the risk of producing orders, or providing materials and services. To get over that hurdle, you have to put in the effort and research to build strong relationships. With a little time we managed to get experts on our side, and they have been invaluable since.

// What is an aspect people might not know about going into business on their own? //

Something people might not know about going into business on their own is that you don’t have to actually go into it alone! 

We’ve joined several women’s business clubs and groups, and they have turned out to not only be fun, but extremely valuable resources. We highly recommend finding groups where you are and participating in their events often. If you don’t have one - start one! It can start with something as simple as a facebook group.

// What is the most rewarding aspect of being entrepreneurs? //

It’s hard to pick! We have different opinions on that.

Evelyn: The most rewarding thing is getting positive feedback from Customers. There are people we don’t know, who are messaging us saying that our apparel is just what they’ve been looking for. It feels really good to not only make clothing that people like on a visual level, but apparel that solves a lifestyle problem or at least enhances how they move through the day.

Yehua: Definitely the feedback direct with customers has been a great reward.  It was a huge part of our decision to make our retail model direct to consumer only, and forgo the traditional fashion wholesale/retail route. The brand has evolved organically since its inception, but that’s been a great part of the learning experience, and we hope to be able to run with that and always continue to grow and evolve with our audience.  

Pivotte Clothing Quote Entreprenuership

// What's the best piece of advice or tips for someone that wants to become their own boss? //

We have different pieces of advice:

Evelyn:  I’m going to cheat on this question and offer three pieces of advice.

  1. Be really clear about your brand and vision. It may take a while to make this a concise statement, but pursue it intensely. Make sure it works as the foundation of your brand for all activities going forward.
  2. Be disciplined about your time.
  3. Don’t go at it alone - find a partner, or join a startup group. 

Yehua: Make sure you do it for the right reasons! Start-up life is hard!  Anyone who’s worked in the fashion industry knows we’re not shy on working long hours, so it’s something I’m used to.  But being your own boss brings it to a whole new level, it basically means you’re never off the clock, so you really have to want it, and believe in it and to want to build something of value to give back to your community. 

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Coffee Fix: Sweet Butter Kitchen, Sherman Oaks

Sweet Butter Kitchen Sherman Oaks via Cute LA

COFFEE FIX is a new Cute LA series dedicated to the independent Coffee Shops in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Being an entrepreneur means often you have meetings, brainstorms and mental breaks in coffee shops. Also, don't get me started on the eye candy potential of cute guys drinking coffee. This is a fun avenue to find hidden gems while doing meetings. Travel with me as I take care of business and get a coffee fix.

Sweet Butter Kitchen, is an eye catching spot located in Sherman Oaks. It has an inviting feel, with it's pale yellow exterior and outdoor seating. Most compare it to a sidewalk cafe in Europe. Worked on some commercial treatments here after the Fischer Clothing shoot.

The interior is cozy with inspiring quotes, goodies, sparklers and coffee! Sometimes I get fancy coffee, but for the most part, I'm a regular brewed coffee chick. With coffee, I ordered the SB Breakfast Sandwich. This sandwich is sunny side up egg, niman ranch applewood bacon, roasted tomatoes, arugula and dijon aioli on grilled country bread, with arugala salad. It was delicious and yes, breakfast is an all day affair. 

Coffee Fix Cute LA
SB Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles
Sweet Butter Kitchen Iphone Coffee
Inspirational Wall Sweet Butter Kitchen
Maya Angelou Quote Sweet Butter Kitchen.jpg
Sweet Butter Kitchen Decorations

Visit Sweet Butter Kitchen, 13824 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks CA 91423 

Where do you get your coffee fix? Let me know in the comments!

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Minty Meets Munt Playful and Edgy

Minty Meets Munt Lolita Dress

If you're like me, you're the type of person that doesn't invest in enough dressy "going out" clothes. The ones that turn heads when you walk into the party, event or first date. The main reason is because those head turning dresses usually break the bank. I don't want to drop dollar (or many) on a dress that will be worn once and never again. Introducing, Australian company Minty Meets Munt.

Minty Meets Munt Lolita Dress and Angela Roi Bag

Minty Meets Munt has a mission to make you look like a runway model, without making you go into debt doing so. Creating dresses in bold colors and catwalk ready cuts. You'll find dresses, skirts, blouses and jumpsuits designed with straight edges, asymetrical cuts and flattering patterns. Minty Meets Munt knows how to keep it sexy and playful with just the right amount of edge. These are the dresses you can wear with a bold statement necklace and leather jacket or feminine with stillettos and dainty jewelry. With dresses like these you'll look for fancy parties to attend. 

Minty Meets Munt with Angela Roi bag

For this video collaboration, Cute LA was gifted the Lolita Dress. The dress was styled with my Angela & Roi Sunday Tote which was a birthday gift.  

The Minty Meets Munt x Cute LA video was made interactive with WIREWAX - a  platform that allows you to make videos engaging and fun. Video song is "Earned it" by The Weeknd. You might recognize it from The Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. While watching the Minty Meets Munt fashion film make sure to click the bullet points for fun pop ups.

Minty Meets Munt Lolita Dress in Blue

Keeping it "Minty Fresh" you must promise when wearing these pieces you strut with confident. These dresses were not made for the tame, but for the wild at heart that don't mind making an entrance.

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What do you think of Minty Meets Munt? What is your go to outfit for special events?

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Alessa Mieses of City Style Life Blog

Entrepreneur Spotlight Alessa Mieses

Had the opportunity to interview entrepreneurAlessa Mieses of City Style Life Blog. Through this well curated blog we get an inside glimpse into New York City. If there is anyone that knows the best restaurants, bars and hidden gems of this city, it's Alessa. A true inspiration to all the go-getters, she's achieved her success on her own. She knows that entrepreneurship means long days and nights. She's putting in consistent work to keep City Style Life a blog to watch out for. She recently interviewed me for her Blogger Spotlight! Awesome experience, I wanted to share her story with Cute LA readers. Continue below to learn more about her dreams, time management skills and how pen and paper are still her favorite tools to write with!

Alessa Mieses of City Style Life

Alessa Mieses of City Style Life

//  What's the inspiration behind City Style Life? //

I’d had several blogs over the years but I never really did anything with them. During the spring of last year I decided to finally take it seriously. I’d gained so many followers on Twitter and Instagram and felt like they needed a place to really get to know me and get to know my love for New York. Pictures and Tweets were ultimately not enough. It took me a while to get the name and the feel of City Style Life just right but when I did I was happy so many absolutely loved the idea and even a few out of towners have even emailed me about places to go and things to do in my beloved New York City. It’s been an incredible and rewarding experience to say the least.

// How did you get started in writing? //

In High School I wrote a lot of short stories about my life. I’d always dreamed of getting a show on HBO. I’ve had things happen to me you wouldn’t wish on many! I’d already had a sense on how to write in different formats so blogging came easy. My first step in my writing process is always to write my ideas down and then break down those ideas in more detail. I never write it on a laptop or desktop it’s always a pen and paper because I remember it better. I can see what my posts will be like more clearly if written.

// What is the most difficult aspect of being an Entrepreneur? //

For me it’s time management. When you’re running your own website it can get difficult to remember there are other things going on around you that you have to work on as well. You have to be able to juggle a job, a relationship, and family and still make the time to sit down and write a meaningful blog post. It’s not easy. Once you work out a nice balance that works for you running your own show because easier. Always remember the little things. 

Alessa Mieses of City Style Life

Alessa Mieses of City Style Life

// What is the most rewarding aspect of being an Entrepreneur? //

Knowing that I can set my own rules. Knowing that I run this website that’s the most rewarding part for me. I started this by myself and I still write by myself. No one helps me. I work on the layouts on my own (just recently stayed up until 5am on a new layout for the site).  You have to hustle hard on a daily basis. The right attitude goes a long way. Make goals for yourself and do them. The only person holding you back is you and when I figured that out that was most rewarding of all.

// What's the best piece of advice or tips for someone that wants to become their own boss? //

Baby Steps. Sounds crazy I bet but taking your time and making sure this is what you want to do (running things for yourself that is). You have to be able to take criticism on a daily basis. You have to be ready for people to say you can’t do it all the while knowing that you most certainly can. 

 // Where do you see your brand heading in the next year? What steps are you taking? //

I hope to at least build a lot of loyal readers and perhaps even more guest blogging on more popular websites. I just want more people to think of my site as a “go-to” for everything New York related but also stick around to get to know me. There are definitely will be more time marketing myself and the site I give people business cards all the time. I’m looking into advertising as well I’ve got decent search results online but would like them to improve. Any partnerships that come along the way would be amazing. I’d like to make this website my full time job one day. It’s such a passion of mine, to write and I want to share my site my baby with the world.

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Do you have dreams of being an Entrepreneur?

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