Handmade Abundance Soaps {Beauty}

Cute LA Abundance Soap Review

Abundance Soaps is a 100% all natural, family owned company  which creates soaps by hand. When something is handmade, as a consumer, you realize passion is within the item being created. Abundance Soaps use the cold process method to create small and limited edition batches. This means there are no artificial colors, fragrances, chemical additives or parabens. In fact, most of the rich colors and aromas come from the organic flowers and herbs used from the family's micro farm. 

I always use all natural soap because one bar lasts longer and is more nourishing than commercial brands. Each 4 oz bar of Abundance Soaps is mild and moisturizing. I tend to have very dry sensitive skin so I was happy to use a bar of soap that felt like it had the essential oils that my skin needed. 

"Each bar is made with Coconut, Olive, Ricebran and other oils which produce a creamy white lather."
All natural brand Abundance Soap

From LeftCocoa Butter Tub Melt / Coal Black Licorice Soap / Supreme Lip Balm /Legend of the Four Thieves Soap White Chocolate Lotion Bar / Sunshine Soap / Supreme Lip Balm Clove Mint Layers Soap

Quick Story: When I was little my mom always usedpure cocoa butter. I loved that distinctive smell and I was reunited with this delicious scent with the, White Chocolate Solid Lotion Bar by Abundance Soaps. In fact, I now keep the tin stashed in my purse.

The natural scents of these soaps, lotion bars and lip balms are intoxicating. Abundance Soaps made my whole room smell like a spectacular mixture of a fresh field of flowers, mint and black licorice. When it comes to purchasing skincare don't underestimate the power of a family owned business that form their products from the heart.

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Alima Pure Natural Makeup Fit For You {Beauty}

Alima Pure Natural Cosmetics

Alima Pure is a makeup company which carries an array of all natural products. In fact they are BDIH natural cosmetics certified. BDIH is the European standard for natural cosmetics and the most coveted certification you can achieve. Alima Pure strongly believe that less is more and that should be the case in regards to the ingredients used in your favorite makeup staples. 

"A few natural ingredients can give every woman the power to present her best self to the world with confidence. That's beauty at its most beautiful." - Alima Pure

You realize not all skin tones are created equal when you see Alima Pure offers 61 different shades of foundation. Don't let that number overwhelm you, their unique

Meet Your Match online foundation selector helps you find the shades and undertones that suit your complexion. You then have the choice to order a sample kit or have the results emailed to you. I must say, the sample kit is adorable and is so much fun to experiment with. 

Alima Pure Makeup Sample Kit

Alima Pure Sample Kit

I had a chance to try an array of Alima Pure cosmetics for my shoot, all of the colors were based on my match results. I've highlighted the two looks I did and the combination of items used for each in case you want to check them out. 

Tiffy Diamond Modeling Alima Pure Makeup

Alima Pure Day Look Satin Matte Foundation (Warm 6),  Satin Matte Blush (Leigh),  Satin Finishing Powder (Sayomi), Pearluster Eyeshadow (Zen), Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow (Ingrid and Hellebore), Satin Matte Eyeliner (Black), Nourishing Lipbalm (Sweet Pea)

Tiffy Diamond Showcasing Alima Pure Cosmetics in a Day Look
Tiffy Diamond Showcasing Alima Pure Cosmetics in a Day Look

Alima Pure Night Look Satin Matte Foundation (Warm 6), Satin Matte Blush (Melon), Satin Finishing Powder (Sayomi), Pearluster Eyeshadow (Mocha),Satin Matte Eyeshadow (Danube), Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow (Aubergine), Satin Matte Eyeliner (Black), Nourishing Lipbalm (Mango)

This innovative natural brand was insightful to work with. I have yet to find a makeup company which works so extensively to find your perfect match. 

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Official Website: AlimaPure.com

Twitter: @AlimaPure

Facebook:  Facebook.com/alimapure



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Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery {Beauty}

Tiffy Diamond Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery
Feeling Smitten Logo

I didn't know it was possible, but Feeling Smitten has managed to blend my two favorite things into one, relaxing and desserts. Though these sweets aren't edible, they look and smell good enough to eat. During my shoot for Feeling Smitten, I was able to check out an assortment of their delicious bath and skincare items. Feeling Smitten is the only bath bakery I know to carry bath bombs, shower steamers, lotions and scrubs that resemble baked goods. You will find an assortment of skincare goodies including: cupcakes, ice cream cones, gelato, milkshakes and truffles. Best part is you won't feel guilty after indulging. 

Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery

Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream Bath Bomb / Pink Confetti Salt Shake / Cupcake Bath Bombs / Gelato Sugar Scrub

Feeling Smitten states the nutrition facts on the back of each package and you'll be happy to know they use the highest quality ingredients to really treat your body right. These ingredients include: European Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Cocoa Butter. 

This bath and skincare line contain no sulfates or parabens. Making it perfect for sensitive skin.
Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery Products

Gelato Sugar Scrub / Cupcake Bath Bombs / Pink Confetti Salt Shake 

Feeling Smitten products are all handmade and can be customized to fit your needs. Making it lovely for birthdays, bridal showers and parties. There's a reason this brand was featured in Oprah's favorite things. Feeling Smitten bath bakery creates a relaxing and fun experience that allows you to enjoy sweets without feeling anxious about beach season coming up.

Tiffy Diamond Feeling Smitten Gelato

To learn more about Feeling Smitten:

Official Website: www.FeelingSmitten.com

Twitter: @FeelingSmitten

Facebook:  Facebook.com/pages/Feeling-Smitten



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Bodyography Pretty Your Face {Beauty}

Tiffy Diamond - Bodyography Cosmetics

I'm a girl that's about beauty products. I love skincare but I also can't deny the pull I feel when passing any makeup counter. Though I focus on fashion as a blogger, wearing the correct makeup is very important. I want a natural look and my face to breathe. That's why I'm extremely careful of what I place on my face. In my everyday life, I like my makeup routine to be quick a flawless. Which seems a bit like a oxymoron but it's possible. 

Bodyography a professional cosmetics line, sent me some of their lovely products to shoot with. Bodyography specializes in creating professional cosmetics which are cutting edge in the industry using the finest ingredients. All of their products are tested by clinical dermatologist to meet their customers needs. Which means, you'll find a number of mineral based, vegan and gluten free products.

Bodyography is also an environmentally friendly cosmetics company. They use minimal packaging, print with soy ink and NEVER test on animals. All the reasons why they've been a leader in the professional makeup industry since the 90s!

Let's look at the products I wore in this shoot:

Bodyography Cosmetics Packaging
Bodyography Cosemetics
Bodyography Cosemetics

1. Bodyography Skin Perfector Concealer

I don't know if I'll ever get the concealer game on point, but I'm trying. This one is very good and a little goes a long way. It's smooth doesn't cake up and covers blemishes very well. This shade may have been a bit too dark for me but when I get a tan in the Summer it will be perfect. I also appreciate that this face concealer contains seaweed extract and vitamins C & E. 

2.  Bodyography Duo Expressions (Vegan)

I like to play around with eye make up, and though sometimes I don't know what I'm doing I like to mix it up. I'm a fan of this duo because it's everything you need to create a look for all the seasons. Both shadows were well pigmented and you can build for a bold look or go more natural like I did in my shoot. 

3. Bodyography Every Finish Powder

I'm a less is more girl, and I like my foundations and powders to feel light on my face. This multi-purpose face powder's versatility makes it a winner to add to your arsenal. This compact can go from light everyday coverage to heavier foundation. I used a brush for some sheer coverage. What I liked is it only took a few strokes to really cover my face. If you want a heavier matte foundation simply apply with a damp sponge. I will definitely be carrying this one with me on a daily basis.

4. Bodyography Electric Lip Slide in Cupids Beau

This shade went on very smooth. It is a hybrid of lipstick, gloss and stain combined in one. Plus it also contains Vitamin E to moisturize the lips. This is perfect for me because I'm not a huge lipstick person and the color of this was a subtle nude looking pink. A little goes a very long way with these so you don't need apply heavy (unless thats the desired look). This is a good investment because this tube will last a long time. Sidenot, it comes in an array of bold and fun colors.

Bodyography makes their quality cosmetics at a reasonable price point. Due to the versatility and light coverage I'll be adding these products to my handbag this Spring and Summer. 

To Learn More About Bodyography:

Official Website: www.Bodyography.com

Facebook:  Facebook.com/bodyographyprofessionalcosmetics

Twitter: @Bodyography



S.W. Basics Treat Your Face Fantastic {Beauty}


When it comes to your face you want to make sure you treat it with the upmost care and love. I'm a person that is always searching for new natural beauty regiments and ways to take care of my skin without the use of harsh chemicals. This is my first beauty post and I couldn't be happier to do it for S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. They were amazing enough to send me over some of their all natural skincare goodies and I couldn't have been more excited. 

S.W. Basics was a perfect fit for me because they are truly an ALL NATURAL skincare line. They use only the purest quality of ingredients which are certified organic, fair trade, or from small family farms. Nothing has more than 5 ingredients, to give you the most potency from their products with no fillers. This is amazing and means you are getting the best of everything and less chance of irritation. That's a win for people like me who have very sensitive skin. 

Let's take a look at some of their lovely products:


Makeup Remover - Every girl needs a good make up remover. This one includes ingredients that are good for you. I love it because it doesn't dry out your skin and the jojoba oil is wonderful at keeping future blemishes under the surface. The almond oil and olive oil combined work well for keeping your skin smooth and supple.

Exfoliant - There comes a time when you must rid your skin of dead skin cells and unclog those pores. This will do the trick it's a natural blend which isn't harsh on the skin. Mix in your hand with a small amount of water and apply to your face using a circular motion. Leave on a few minutes and then rinse. 


Cleanser - Unlike soap that can irritate your skin, this product helps to keep it healthy. You simply apply with a cotton ball and then rinse off. It's that simple. It smells good and contains all of the ingredients you see, so no alcohol or things you can't pronounce.  


Toner - It's a step a lot of people forget but it's just as important. This one is perfect for after you cleanse your face. Just apply with a cotton ball and then go to sleep. No need to rinse off. It helps to balance out your skin so you wake up feeling refreshed. 


Peppermint and Cocoa Lip Balm - If it's not a photo shoot or something fancy, then I'm not wearing lipstick. I'm a lip balm girl, always have been. I'm obsessed, I need one around me at all times. These are my new favorites, not only do they smell yummy they glide on soft and leave my lips feeling nourished. 

I love S.W. Basics' attention to detail with their packaging and branding. It's elegant and clearly states what you will be using on your face and body, nothing is secretive or hidden. S.W. Basics is honesty in it's purest form and that's exactly what I look for in a company. 


To Learn More About S.W. Basics Of Brooklyn:

Official Website: SWBASICSOFBK.com

Twitter: @SproutWellness

Facebook: Facebook.com/SproutWellnessNYC