Cinquante A Touch of Quirkiness

Cinquante Jewelry

Statement pieces are an integral part of making an outfit come alive. Especially for the days that could use an extra spark. I have those days... almost everyday. Trust me, throwing on cute accessories can bring a plain outfit, into the world of runway. At least, that's how I feel. Lately, I've been a fan of more dainty jewelry - subtle charms, studs and rings.

Cinquante The Label is a handcrafted jewellery brand made in Adalaide, Australia. Creating affordable, elegant pieces with fine silk thread, sterling silver and brass. They gifted Cute LA with their brass palm tree necklace, sterling silver diamond necklace, and popular heart ring. Each symbolizing a unique aspect of Cute LA - Palm tree for Los Angeles, Diamond for my name and Heart (Love) for Live.Art.Love.

What I love about Cinquante is the ability to mix and match fun limited edition charms you won't find anywhere else. Hello! They have a freaking Pacman Necklace! Their necklaces are lightweight, easy to adjust and great for stack. The ability to layer, at different lengths, makes it exciting to wear charms that resonate with your personality. Check out the photos below for a closer look at this elegant and quirky label. Showing that, yes, you can be both!

Cinquante Packaging and Branding
Cinquante Handcrafted Jewelry
Cinquante Palm Tree Diamond and Heart Jewelry.jpeg
Lauren Moshi Pullover
Cute LA Cinquante Jewelry

These pieces from Cinquante were styled with a Lauren Moshi pullover (ridiculously soft!), Paige Denim and Steve Madden heels. 

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What charm would you get from Cinquante?

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Tiffy Diamond Signature.png

Minty Meets Munt Playful and Edgy

Minty Meets Munt Lolita Dress

If you're like me, you're the type of person that doesn't invest in enough dressy "going out" clothes. The ones that turn heads when you walk into the party, event or first date. The main reason is because those head turning dresses usually break the bank. I don't want to drop dollar (or many) on a dress that will be worn once and never again. Introducing, Australian company Minty Meets Munt.

Minty Meets Munt Lolita Dress and Angela Roi Bag

Minty Meets Munt has a mission to make you look like a runway model, without making you go into debt doing so. Creating dresses in bold colors and catwalk ready cuts. You'll find dresses, skirts, blouses and jumpsuits designed with straight edges, asymetrical cuts and flattering patterns. Minty Meets Munt knows how to keep it sexy and playful with just the right amount of edge. These are the dresses you can wear with a bold statement necklace and leather jacket or feminine with stillettos and dainty jewelry. With dresses like these you'll look for fancy parties to attend. 

Minty Meets Munt with Angela Roi bag

For this video collaboration, Cute LA was gifted the Lolita Dress. The dress was styled with my Angela & Roi Sunday Tote which was a birthday gift.  

The Minty Meets Munt x Cute LA video was made interactive with WIREWAX - a  platform that allows you to make videos engaging and fun. Video song is "Earned it" by The Weeknd. You might recognize it from The Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. While watching the Minty Meets Munt fashion film make sure to click the bullet points for fun pop ups.

Minty Meets Munt Lolita Dress in Blue

Keeping it "Minty Fresh" you must promise when wearing these pieces you strut with confident. These dresses were not made for the tame, but for the wild at heart that don't mind making an entrance.

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What do you think of Minty Meets Munt? What is your go to outfit for special events?

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Fischer Clothing: Wardrobe Building Classics {Video}

Fischer Clothing Wardrobe Building Classics

Spring is just around the corner which means blooming flowers and a hint more sunshine. Who am I kidding? There's always sunshine in Los Angeles, don't hate us! The fun part about Spring is that it often means new clothes. Why not add clothes that are in style every season? That's Fischer Clothing comes in.

This Brooklyn based company was created by designer Kristina AngelozziFischer Clothing is meant to be the best friend to your existing closet. These wardrobe building classics give new life to items you already own. Of course, as you'll see, these gems are great stand alone pieces as well. Using hints of color, Fischer Clothing transitions into every season, getting better with age

Denim Shirt Fischer Cloth via Cute LA
Fischer Clothing Jumpsuit via Cute LA

Fischer Clothing uses high quality fabrics from around the world, and manufactures garments in the USA. It's always great to support indie fashion that's locally made. Plus, having designed for GAP and Hanes Kristina is an expert on quality. She's successfully created a brand that blends comfort, style and durability. 

Fischer Clothing Scarf and Denim Dress via Cute LA

For this video collaboration, Cute LA was gifted the Ikat Pattern scarf, Patchwork Denim Charlotte Long Sleeve Dress and the Chambray Dobby Hannah Jumpsuit. The Fischer Clothing x Cute LA video was also made interactive with WIREWAX. How flipping cool is that?! WIREWAX is a cutting edge platform that allows you to make videos engaging and fun. Video music is by new artist, Jarryd James. While watching please make sure to click the bullet points for fun pop ups. It'd make my day! 

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What do you think about Fischer Clothing? Did you have fun getting interactive with the video? 

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KAT&GAB Vintage Loves

Cute LA and KAT&GAB Collaboration

Kathleen De Almeida and Gabby Blandino-Vasquez are two ladies on a mission to create their own opportunities. Best friends since childhood, they recently founded the online boutique, KAT&GAB. Their unique store carries a little bit of everything: vintage finds, handmade clothing, home decor, upcycled goodies and refurbished furniture. I love what they did to the jewelry armoire with chalk paint (below).The inspiration behind KAT&GAB is fueled by Kathleen and Gabby's desire to save money for college. 

KAT&GAB Refurbished Jewelry Box
KAT&GAB Refurbished Chalk Jewelry Armorie

 Always one to root for entrepreneurs and small businesses, I was honored when they asked to collaborate on an outfit post. They sent me a lovely vintage wool skirt, silk blouse and handmade patterned denim shorts. What's unique about KAT&GAB is the joy and care given to bring these vintage finds new life. There is a personal touch put in every item they sell. They'll even create custom designs. Given the passion of these budding entrepreneurs, the possibilities are endless with what they can create.

Cute LA x KAT&GAB levi shorts silk blouse vintage
Cute LA Kat&Gab Vintage Wool Skirt
Cute LA Kat&Gab Vintage Silk Blouse and Upcycled Levi Shorts

KAT&GAB is well on their way to becoming a successful small business and lifestyle brand.  With their sharp eye for style KAT&GAB will inspire you to find the beauty in vintage. I'm confident this is just the beginning and their college dreams will come to fruition in no time. Then, they'll be unstoppable.


Two girls taking life into their own hands! What do you think of KAT&GAB?

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How To Measure Eyeglasses

How To Measure Eyeglasses Infographic

I've been wearing prescription eyeglasses since the third grade. Which I don't care what anyone says, I blame my need to sit three inches from the television. There's nothing like literally trying to be in the action of Saturday morning cartoons.

Anyway, recently my prescription changed, I hate when that happens. The only silver lining is the chance to buy cute new frames. Proud to say, I never get the overpriced ones from the Doctor's office. I like my eyeglasses to cost less than my mortgage, thank you! I'm a fan of Zenni Optical's affordable glasses and bought the frames pictured. 

Zenni Optical Eyeglasses

I'm happy about my choices. Especially since, I've had my share of failed glasses. It took me years to figure out what works best for my face. If you need help figuring out which frames compliment you. The infographic below is an easy-to-read guide for finding your frame measurements

What Are The Best Eyeglasses For Your Face Shape? - Infographic

Do you wear glasses? Where do you buy your frames?

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