About Tiffy Diamond

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  • Advertising Producer in Los Angeles - I Produce television and digital commercial advertising for major brands and startups.

  • Homeowner - Just bought my first house! It's nicknamed the #LALoveHouse because it's also my workspace. It's the home of future events, parties and workshops for my company.

  • Guitar Player - I've been playing for about five years. Owe any talent to my wonderful guitar teacher. Patient, patient man he is.

  • Avid (So-So) Golfer - I golf once a week, it allows me to disconnect and enjoy some outdoor time on the beautiful golf courses in Los Angeles.

  • Screenwriter - Minored in Screenwriting and have completed over 15 scripts with countless works in progress. I've won awards, had representation and worked with production companies. I'm the go-to person when it comes to doing script coverage for friends aspiring to be screenwriters. 

  • Film Buff - Every time I watch a movie I have to analyze the budget, development and production details.

  • Donuts are my FAVORITE - I love all sweets especially donuts! Hello glaze and maple bars, I love you.

  • Every post is written with my lovely readers in mind! If there are any questions, suggestions or topics you would like me to cover don't hesitate to contact me.