New Year's Resolutions That Don't Suck

New Years Resolutions that don't suck

Every year I make a list of New Year's Resolutions that I never accomplish and often forget about come February. It all started as a tradition when I was younger. My childhood best friend would call me on New Years Eve and we would rattle off our resolutions. Which usually included having a boyfriend. My best friend was better in this department. Which is why I gave up on resolutions being dreams that came true. 

With that being said, I created 5 New Year's Resolutions that don't fcking suck. Enjoy!

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1. HAVE MORE SEX - Yea, I said it! What? Women enjoy sex?! Yes, we do, well I do, and you should too. If you're an adult in an active dating life, relationship, marriage or if you're breathing - try to have more sex. It's good for you and fun. If you hate sex, either you legitimately hate it, or you're not sexing right. I'm hoping for the latter, because that's about getting to know yourself better. Don't be afraid to speak up, make requests, buy lingerie or change the routine. If you're not having sex for religious/personal reasons, then exchange "More Sex" with "More Self Love." It's just as fun, Either way, always keep it safe and healthy.

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2. STAY TURNT - No, I don't mean stay drunk 24/7. Though, if that's your lifestyle, do you. I mean, don't be afraid to have fun. Just because you become an adult, doesn't mean you can't go on adventures, laugh and play. Make time to go out with friends and make new ones. We get in these comfort zones of friendships, relationships, work etc. which includes making lame excuses for not doing fun shit. Damn it, while we're still young let's stay fcking turnt. Fun fact: from an older person's perspective you're always young. Woo hoo!

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3. READ A DAMN BOOK - If you read three books this year than this resolution is a success. Hell, if I read one book, I'm starting a book club called, "One Book A Year Bitches." Take a break from social media for a moment and make sure you still know how to read. By the way, I was in a book club once. That was short lived because A.) I kept having to reintroduce myself at every once-a-month meeting and B.) There was no drinking. No, I don't want to be in your book club, unless we have a toga party after reading "Pride and Prejudice," for a third time.

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4. DON'T BE BUSY, BE SMART - Guess what? Everyone's life is chaotic, you're not special. The word "busy" has become a grading system for how successful a person is. When I'm "too busy" I'm pissed, why? Because it means I'm not working smart. I'm overcomplicating, procrastinating or spreading myself too thin. This year is about finding balance. For me, this can be done by smart scheduling, meditation and knowing when to take a break.

take some risks

5. TAKE SOME RISKS - All the people that contribute to the world in big ways take risks. My whole business is a risk. Let's all vow to take a few more risks. I say "few" because, I read quotes that say, "do something everyday that scares you" and already feel defeated. That's a lot of pressure for 365 days. Some days I want to conquer the world and others, conquer Netflix and Chill. Risks don't have to be an everyday occurrence. I'm starting small and become a once a month risk taker! Already feels achievable.

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Here's to a Fabulous New Year hope you join me on this journey and Fck yea, attainable goals! What are some of your resolutions for 2016? Share in the comments or tweet me.

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