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Cute LA Abundance Soap Review

Abundance Soaps is a 100% all natural, family owned company  which creates soaps by hand. When something is handmade, as a consumer, you realize passion is within the item being created. Abundance Soaps use the cold process method to create small and limited edition batches. This means there are no artificial colors, fragrances, chemical additives or parabens. In fact, most of the rich colors and aromas come from the organic flowers and herbs used from the family's micro farm. 

I always use all natural soap because one bar lasts longer and is more nourishing than commercial brands. Each 4 oz bar of Abundance Soaps is mild and moisturizing. I tend to have very dry sensitive skin so I was happy to use a bar of soap that felt like it had the essential oils that my skin needed. 

"Each bar is made with Coconut, Olive, Ricebran and other oils which produce a creamy white lather."
All natural brand Abundance Soap

From LeftCocoa Butter Tub Melt / Coal Black Licorice Soap / Supreme Lip Balm /Legend of the Four Thieves Soap White Chocolate Lotion Bar / Sunshine Soap / Supreme Lip Balm Clove Mint Layers Soap

Quick Story: When I was little my mom always usedpure cocoa butter. I loved that distinctive smell and I was reunited with this delicious scent with the, White Chocolate Solid Lotion Bar by Abundance Soaps. In fact, I now keep the tin stashed in my purse.

The natural scents of these soaps, lotion bars and lip balms are intoxicating. Abundance Soaps made my whole room smell like a spectacular mixture of a fresh field of flowers, mint and black licorice. When it comes to purchasing skincare don't underestimate the power of a family owned business that form their products from the heart.

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