Bandelettes Keep Your Thighs Comfortable

Bandelettes Lace Thigh Bands for anti chafing via Cute LA

Bandelettes is the first product to successfully tackle irritating thigh chafing while staying fashionable. Thigh chafing, is when your thighs rub together often creating a rash, embarrassment or discomfort.  It's most common when walking in skirts, dresses or shorts. The interesting thing is, women of all sizes can experience the problem, though many never talk about it. Well, thank goodness Bandelettes saw the need to address this common issue with style and comfort at the forefront.

Bandelettes Lace Thigh Bands for anti chafing via Cute LA

Bandelettes resemble lingerie giving a sexy and glamorous look. They have lace details and come in colors: red, beige, black, white and caramel. They stay up thanks to two strips of silicon. This means they can be worn throughout the day with no rolling and slipping. Bandelettes are also the perfect gift to give the bride-to-be, so she can enjoy her day in comfort. Proud to have a one of a kind, female run business as a sponsor for April. The best entrepreneurs are the ones who tackle a daily problem with a brilliant solution; Bandelettes does this to perfection.

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