Best Fashion Kickstarter Campaign February 2015: Pivotte

Best Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns February 2015

Cute LA is about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. I search through hundreds of fashion crowdfunding campaigns to invest in. The following campaign stood out as the best Fashion Kickstarter for February. If they inspire you, take a moment to pledge (for fantastic rewards!) or share the campaigns through social media. 

- - PIVOTTE - -

Pivotte Clothing

Pivotte is for the sophisticated ladies that lead lives of adventure and business. Pivotte allows you to flow between the worlds of fashion, travel and work without missing a beat. This company was founded by best friends and entrepreneurs, Evelyn Frison and Yehua Yang - who know what it's like to lead busy lives. Frustrated with the lack of clothing that's versatile, flexible and stylish, they created Pivotte. Allowing you to dress up or down and still feel great. Evelyn and Yehua have extensive experience in the fashion industry with Yehua designing for international brands such as J.Crew and Calvin Klein. 

Pivotte Clothing Desk to Date Cute LA

Pivotte is made with advanced fabrics from Switzerland and Australia for complete comfort. My favorite part of this collection is the technical features - water, stain, wrinkle and odor resistance. And for the ladies that sweat, like me, it includes the added bonus of moisture wicking capabilities. Hell yeah! I've needed this company in my life for that feature alone.

Pivotte Kickstarter Campaign

Love me some female empowerment! Pivotte knows what it's like to lead a life that's constantly on the go whether gym, drinks or a business meeting. Kickstarter Rewards include: illustrated postcards, touring tank, good to go cardi, effortless dress and a lot more!

What I Pledged For: The Touring Tank :D

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What do you think about Pivotte? What's your favorite feature?

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