Black Swan Style and Grace

In the midst of Spring, this time always holds so much change, or perhaps every season is a shedding of the skin. You can't pause or slow down life. Sometimes I wish you could but it continues whether you're ready or not. With that being said, you must embrace life boldly with your head held high.

I recently saw a Ted Talks, on Netflix, which discussed "Power Posing." They did studies that found, standing like Superman or Wonder Woman for two minutes gives a feeling of more confidence, or "power," hence the name.

Black Swan Crista Dress

For the bold women, Black Swan makes clothing to fit your elegance and constantly moving lifestyle. With edgy cuts mixed with feminine silhouettes - Black Swan understands that life is full of complexities. The name Black Swan, comes from rarity and standing out. You're not a wall flower, but a beautiful being meant to turn heads - through school, business and fighting for your dreams. With versatile pieces you can rock at brunch with your friends or a dive bar in Downtown LA. You can find a range of dresses and even motorcycle jackets to fit your taste. 

Black Swan gifted Cute LA this Crista Dress in Ivory and Heart jacket in Total Eclipse. They were styled with favorites including new ball back earrings from Etsy. These items star in the fashion video below featuring the song ”Let me Love You Remix" by Mario (Tim Gunter Remix). Enjoy!

Crista Dress in Ivory Black Swan
Black Swan  Motto Jacket
Black Swan Total Eclipse Jacket

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How do you feel about Power Posing? Will you try it? Let me know in the comments! 

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