Brat and Suzie Unique Animal Prints

Tiffy Diamond modeling Brat and Suzie

Brat and Suzie is a London brand founded by twin sisters, Polly and Charlotte, they specialize in blending their love of animals with their passion for designing. Using soft fabrics,  Brat and Suzie create lively t-shirts, vests, sweaters and dresses that feature cute animals in eclectic ways. Whether it's a Dalmatian wearing hipster glasses or a mouse enjoying a seat in a cup of tea.

Brat and Suzie's Motto is "Young, Fun and British," I'm not from London but I feel like an honorary member. 
Tiffy Diamond modeling Brat and Suzie

Shirts I'm rocking in first two photos:  Hippy Dog Burnout Tee and  Teacup Mouse T-Front Shooting with Brat and Suzie I experienced first hand the high quality craftsmanship put into each style.  A definite Spring staple these shirts are light and breathable. Working with talented illustrators from all over the world Brat and Suzie's collection is fun, quirky and changes with the season. You're sure to find an animal that fits your personality and fashion sense.

Tiffy Diamond Modeling Brat and Suzie Dress

Learn More About Brat and Suzie: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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