Favorite March Kickstarter Campaigns

March 2016 Kickstarter Campaigns

I enjoy browsing Kickstarter campaigns and supporting new campaigns that I find interesting. Without further ado I bring you the Top Kickstarter Campaigns in Fashion, Tech, Beauty, Art, and Design - for the month of March.

Top Fashion Kickstarter
COA Studios Watches

COA Studios - Beautiful Minimal Wristwatches for Men and Women

There is something classy about having a beautiful watch compliment an outfit. COA Studios, a British company, has created a line of sophisticated watches they call, "The Minimal Series." The design of these watches caught my eye and I appreciate the attention to detail. The rose gold being my favorite.

Top Tech Kickstarter
Mighty For Music Streaming

Mighty - Streaming Music Without Your Phone

As an avid music streamer on Spotify I'm excited for Mighty. Which brings music streaming to a tiny device comparable to an iPod shuffle. Meaning, you no longer have to lug a smartphone around the gym. If it lives up to expectations, the Mighty will be a game changer in the music industry. 

Top Art Kickstarter.jpg
Micro Paintings

Beautiful Unique Micro Paintings

Honestly, the video behind this campaign made me laugh. Jason Luper is a talented Surrealist Landscape Artist, with a wonderful sense of humor. This campaign is to help support his "Micro Paintings" which are 6"x6" oil paintings - tiny but full of life. 

Top Design Kickstarter
dotted animal wall decals
kangaroo wall decal

dotted. Artistic Dotted Animals

I'll be honest here, I fell in love with the Flamingo. Which is just one of the dotted animal wall stickers designed by graphic design artist, Yoni Alter. This London based artist created these removable wall decals by using a number of different colored dots. Creating a burst of excitement with an animal hidden inside. 


Proud to have pledged to all of these wonderful campaigns! I wish them all the success in hitting their goals. 

CreaTiffs: What do you think about this campaigns? Which would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

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Best Fashion Kickstarter Campaign February 2015: Pivotte

Best Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns February 2015

Cute LA is about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. I search through hundreds of fashion crowdfunding campaigns to invest in. The following campaign stood out as the best Fashion Kickstarter for February. If they inspire you, take a moment to pledge (for fantastic rewards!) or share the campaigns through social media. 

- - PIVOTTE - -

Pivotte Clothing

Pivotte is for the sophisticated ladies that lead lives of adventure and business. Pivotte allows you to flow between the worlds of fashion, travel and work without missing a beat. This company was founded by best friends and entrepreneurs, Evelyn Frison and Yehua Yang - who know what it's like to lead busy lives. Frustrated with the lack of clothing that's versatile, flexible and stylish, they created Pivotte. Allowing you to dress up or down and still feel great. Evelyn and Yehua have extensive experience in the fashion industry with Yehua designing for international brands such as J.Crew and Calvin Klein. 

Pivotte Clothing Desk to Date Cute LA

Pivotte is made with advanced fabrics from Switzerland and Australia for complete comfort. My favorite part of this collection is the technical features - water, stain, wrinkle and odor resistance. And for the ladies that sweat, like me, it includes the added bonus of moisture wicking capabilities. Hell yeah! I've needed this company in my life for that feature alone.

Pivotte Kickstarter Campaign

Love me some female empowerment! Pivotte knows what it's like to lead a life that's constantly on the go whether gym, drinks or a business meeting. Kickstarter Rewards include: illustrated postcards, touring tank, good to go cardi, effortless dress and a lot more!

What I Pledged For: The Touring Tank :D

Follow Pivotte: Kickstarter | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

What do you think about Pivotte? What's your favorite feature?

Let me know in the comments!

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November Kickstarter Campaigns

November Kickstart Campaigns To Support

Cute LA is about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Every other month, I search through hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns to find favorites to back financially. The following Kickstarter campaigns stood out for the month of November. I backed these companies because I believe in their message. If they inspire you, take a moment to pledge or share their campaigns through social media. 

- - Sharpe Suiting - -

Sharpe Suiting Ready To Wear

I had the privilege of working with Sharpe Suiting for a project through my production company, Live.Art.Love. They're a wonderful company that exude passion and talent. They create suits regardless of gender identity, proudly supporting the LGBTQ community and anyone who needs a well made suit. With the rising trend in women wearing men's fashion, this is a cutting edge company. Already at over 50% of their goal, be part of the fashion revolution! Kickstarter Rewards include: Ready to Wear dress shirts, tailoring, suits, and bags 

Sharpe Suiting Kickstarter Rewards

Follow Sharpe Suiting: Kickstarter | Website | Instagram | Twitter

- - Bishop Collective - -

Bishop Collective Kickstarter

Bishop Collective is a company that offers ethically made American manufactured goods. Founded by, Mai Vu and Dimitri Koumbis, they're moving into their first line of women's wear, basic tanks and t-shirts. The focus is to bring fashion manufacturing back to the U.S. while driving the cost down for well made basics. It's nice to invest in yourself once in awhile, that includes the clothes you wear. Once you see the talent and artistry it takes to design a basic shirt, you'll never look at them the same. Kickstarter Rewards Include: Tanks, T-Shirts, and Candles

Bishop Collective American Made

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What do you think of these campaigns? Which one is your favorite? 

Let me know in the comments!


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September Kickstarter Campaigns

September 2014 Fashion, Art, Design Kickstarter Campaigns to Back via Cute LA

Cute LA is about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. The following kickstarter campaigns are my favorite for the month of September. You'll find a mix of fashion, art and design. I backed these companies and artists because I believe in their stories. If you see one that inspires you, take a moment to pledge or share the campaign through social media. 

- - O'Bazzië Classics: A Great Story We Write Together - -

O’Bazzië Classics Satchels

Founded by Ebenezer ObasioluO'Bazzië Classics are bringing back the timelessness of a well structured leather satchel. Ebenezer was inspired to created a company that brings hope. That's why, with every purchase of a satchel, one satchel of school supplies is given to a child in Africa. Funds will help to manufacture the O'Bazzië Classics collection and to reach more schools in Africa. Kickstarter Rewards include: O'Bazzië Classics Satchels (in multiple colors/sizes) and thank you note from the children who receive school supplies.

O’Bazzië Classics Give To Schools in Africa
Stranger Danger Kickstarter

Illustrator, Clio Chiang, has worked on numerous projects including Disney's Frozen, Paperman and Winnie-The-Pooh. To say the least, she's talented. For her first art bookStranger Danger, she illustrates the interesting people she witnesses living in Los Angeles. Funds for this Kickstarter campaign will go towards printing and publishing the bookKickstarter Rewards include: Signed copies of Stranger Danger and exclusive illustrations.

Stranger Danger Clio Chiang
Letra Chueca Printshop

Two talented ladies, Camila and Daniela, are opening a Letterpress shop in Portland, Oregon. Having a shared love for letterpress printing, they've recently secured a location for their first store. Through, Letra Chueca/Crooked Letter, they'll provide stationary, notebooks, decorations, invitations - anything that can be pressed. Funds from this campaign will go towards getting, Letra Chueca/Crooked Letter, ready for business. Kickstarter Rewards include: Greeting cards, Notebooks, Invitations, Business Cards and Coasters.

Follow Crooked Letter: Kickstarter | Twitter | Facebook | Website

- - I'll Paint You. Make traveling your face! Join the Crowd. - -

I'll paint you kickstarter

Artist, Todd Borka, loves a crowd. He enjoys immersing himself in people and being lost in the faces. With the use of black and white, Todd paints crowds of people using indian ink. For this project he will be painting a huge canvas of portraits. Every backer, no matter how much they pledge, will have their portrait included on the canvas. Kickstarter Rewards include: Your face included in the crowd on a large 13ft x 9ft canvas and HD files of your portrait sent to you.

Black cat retro jewelry kickstarter

Kat Mandou, enjoys creating jewelry with vintage and antique pieces she finds traveling, especially from the 1920s and 30s. These earrings are accented with pressed brass, molded glass and lucites. The unique designs include pugs, cats, pharoahs and bats. Funds from this campaign will go towards distributing the line and future designs. Kickstarter Rewards include: Variety of earrings to choose from.

Follow BLACK CAT DANCE: Kickstarter | Website

What do you think of these campaigns? Do you have a favorite? 

Tell me in the comments! xo

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April Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns

Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns to Support

Cute LA is about showcasing indie designers and crowdfunding is a great way to support up coming talent in the Fashion industry. After browsing over 250 Kickstarter campaigns for several hours, these are the top campaigns I contributed to for April. Remember, if you're not able to back a campaign financially, sharing across your social media channels is just as great.

- -  Carte Blanche: Hand-Crafted Dresses Made in NYC - -

Carte Blanche Kickstarter

"The perfect dress is crafted with love and attention," this quote from Monica Noh, founder of Carte Blanche is what drew me to the campaign. Monica is a fashion designer from New York that created Carte Blanche when she saw the need for a change in the fashion industry. Carte Blanche is the first women's brand using crowdsourcing to allow consumers to choose dress styles to go into production. Letting you pick the trends instead of just following them. This process cuts out the middleman offering a line of designer dresses, true to costPerks include: little black dresses, tunics more dresses! 

Follow Carte Blanche: Kickstarter | Twitter | Facebook | Website

- -  Handwoven Collectibles to Save a Vanishing Culture - -

Angel Chang Handwoven Collectibles

Campaign creator, Atelier Angel Chang wants to save a tradition she believes in. In Southwest China, the Miao and Dong ethnic minority have a strong history of creating intricate fabrics and garments for their family. This process of weaving, producing dyes and cotton is time consuming taking weeks to years to create one garment. Creating these fabrics is a labor of love and a tradition that could vanish in the next 5-10 years. Through this Kickstarter campaign Atelier hopes to raise money to create a local training program that strengthens knowledge of this unique craftsmanship. With the goal of preserving this culture's strong heritage for years to come. Perks include: one of a kind wallets, folios, and pouches handmade from Miao and Dong villagers.

Angel Chang Dimen Village

Follow Atelier Angel Chang: Kickstarter | Twitter | Website

What do you think of these two campaigns?  Let me know in the comments!