5 Reasons To fcking Love Yoga

5 Reasons to fucking love yoga

In January, I gave a dope list of “New Year’s Resolutions that Don’t Suck.” A resolution that was missing from this list was “working out.” It’s a played out resolution because all should strive to stay somewhat active. Anyway, I stay pretty fit, it’s just that my diet includes a lot of fries and donuts. My workouts include a mix of dance, interval training, hiking and weights. What’s missing from this is yoga. The quintessential LA sport in all it’s meditative glory.

Going to be completely honest, I suck at yoga and I have tried it several times. Yet, I’m determined to become an amateur yogi. If not, at least for these fun yoga pants, gifted to me, in hopes of encouraging me to try again.

Yogaoutlet Yoga Pants Tiffy Diamond


Yoga Flexibility Is Sexy


I’m as flexible as a stick. I remember when I lost my flexibility. It was in 2nd grade gymnastics, I didn’t stretch and went right into the splits. Never to go into the splits again. Well, yoga gets you flexible, it helps your joints and give you the ability to touch your toes. On top of that some yoga poses make excellent sexual positions.

Yoga Get Good Sleep


Anyone that knows me, knows that insomnia is my best friend. In fact, I’ve accepted that we’re in a long term relationship. Studies have shown that consistent Yoga leads to a more clear mind and better sleep. It will help chill out my nervous system and in return give me the good sleep I’ve been yearning for.

Yoga Clothes are cute as


There is nothing that screams “cute and fit” more than Yoga clothes. These clothes have the ability to make it look like you know what you're doing. Akin to the people that wear one pants leg up in Hip Hop classes but can't hold a beat to save their lives. At least in yoga attire I'll look the part. Also, nothing sculpts your ass, quite like a good pair of yoga pants. Just make sure they sculpt it and don’t show it. I’m talking to you lovers of white sheer yoga pants. Just say no!

Shirtless Yoga Dudes


Yoga can make you a happier and more focused person. I think part of that happiness and focus is the hot guys taking the class with you. I mean, I don’t mind you doing warrior pose just take it to my bed. During the summers here in Los Angeles they have Yoga in the park, pretty much everywhere there’s a park. This leads to guys taking their shirts off to do yoga. If anything can help overcome the blood rushing to my head in an upside down pose, it’s glistening men.

Yogi Judgemental Glare


In Los Angeles, you better have a favorite taco spot and yoga class. It’s what you do, you drink craft beer then you talk about the latest yoga class, you sweat in, next to Kate Hudson. Every time I mention yoga not being my thing, I regret it. If I just start getting my yoga on, I won’t receive a sales pitch on the benefits of yoga (that I already know bitches). Which last time I checked, isn’t you judging me the exact opposite of yoga's teachings.  


Y’all, I’m determined to make it happen. This summer Yoga will become my bitch.

Tiffy Diamond Yoga Pants Yogaoutlet

What are your takes on yoga? Love it or hate it? Comment below!

tiffy diamond

Black Swan Style and Grace

In the midst of Spring, this time always holds so much change, or perhaps every season is a shedding of the skin. You can't pause or slow down life. Sometimes I wish you could but it continues whether you're ready or not. With that being said, you must embrace life boldly with your head held high.

I recently saw a Ted Talks, on Netflix, which discussed "Power Posing." They did studies that found, standing like Superman or Wonder Woman for two minutes gives a feeling of more confidence, or "power," hence the name.

Black Swan Crista Dress

For the bold women, Black Swan makes clothing to fit your elegance and constantly moving lifestyle. With edgy cuts mixed with feminine silhouettes - Black Swan understands that life is full of complexities. The name Black Swan, comes from rarity and standing out. You're not a wall flower, but a beautiful being meant to turn heads - through school, business and fighting for your dreams. With versatile pieces you can rock at brunch with your friends or a dive bar in Downtown LA. You can find a range of dresses and even motorcycle jackets to fit your taste. 

Black Swan gifted Cute LA this Crista Dress in Ivory and Heart jacket in Total Eclipse. They were styled with favorites including new ball back earrings from Etsy. These items star in the fashion video below featuring the song ”Let me Love You Remix" by Mario (Tim Gunter Remix). Enjoy!

Crista Dress in Ivory Black Swan
Black Swan  Motto Jacket
Black Swan Total Eclipse Jacket

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How do you feel about Power Posing? Will you try it? Let me know in the comments! 

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Christopher George Clothing Less Is More

Christopher George Clothing

Been working a lot lately, which is always a blessing. However, getting sleep is another issue. Really need to work on a schedule that doesn't have me going to bed when the Sun comes up. However, this seems to be an issue most entrepreneurs face. In fact, here's a cool list of successful people who worked at night. Including Obama, so whatever I'm in good company!

Now, let's get to the outfit below, I'm rocking Australian brand, Christopher George Clothing, or CG for short. Founded in 2013, It's an indie company that creates simple high quality shirts that promote a smart-casual lifestyle. This is primarily a menswear company, but they were nice enough to gift Cute LA a black and white shirt in extra small. CG Clothing, puts customers first in creating a seamless online experience. With attention to detail, they're passionate about the designs and fabrics used for their collections. In addition, CG clothing supports people living their dreams. You can often find DJs, Artist, Actors and other Creatives sporting their shirts on instagram. The following CG shirts were styled with my favorite ANI Brand shoes (so comfy) and Jakimac leather harness

Christopher George White Logo Shirt
Christopher George Black Logo Tee

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Do you have any secrets on getting a good night's sleep? Let me know in the comments!

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ELEVENPARIS Minimalist Allure

ELEVENPARIS Minimalist Allure

Some women demand attention as soon as they enter a room. The reason is, they exude confidence. Confidence is an interesting concept that intimidates many. In fact, we've all had moments that we didn't feel our best. Hell, it's the reason a lot of Stars create alter egos. I find the best tip to gain more confidence, is to pretend to be - after awhile the real confidence will kick in. 

ELEVENPARIS is a Parisian prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) brand rooted in minimalist high quality designs paired with silk screened T-shirts. It was founded by two friends with a vision to combine creativity, contemporary style and pop culture. You’ll find pop culture references that are fun, cheeky and humorous. Some of the designs include models Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne doing finger mustaches.

ELEVENPARIS succeeds in creating a high end company inspired by what’s going on in the cities around us. The celebrities they feature are strong, independent and rebellious. Cara Delevingne changed the perception of models with her unique look and personality. While Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are legendary fierce boss ladies. Have you seen Naomi on Empire on FOX?! She slays. ELEVENPARIS was made to inspire your inner rebel and create some mischief. That’s what life’s about! 

Elevenparis Cara Delevinge T-Shirt
Cara Delevingne Elevenparis Savage shirt
Naomi Campbell Elevenparis Jumper Sweater

For this indie fashion collaboration with ELEVENPARIS, Cute LA was gifted the SAVRA Cara Delevingne "Savage" T-shirt, Suncamp Naomi Campbell Moustache Jumper and FOEBE Jacket. These were styled with a vintage bag from my great grandmother's collection. Love the sparkles! All of these items star in the fashion video below featuring the song”"Elastic Heart" by Sia. 

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Have you ever created an alter ego to feel more confident before a big event? If not, would you? 

Let me know in the comments!

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Cindy + Johnny Designed For Ambition

Cindy Johnny Clothing

If you have ambition, congratulations, you're one of the lucky few. Don't ever let those who have no drive or passions - tell you your dreams aren't important. When you're working towards a goal, you'll have to find balance between your personal life and work. This means days turning into nights without a break. Trust me, all of the hard work will be worth it. 

Cindy + Johnny is a clothing brand for the ladies that sometimes don't have time to stop. Going from a business meeting to drinks with friends. The new Spring 2015 Collection is made with luxurious fabrics, pops of color and versatility. When you're a successful boss, entrepreneur or creative - you want to look good while feeling good. Cindy + Johnny is successful in updating the classics for comfortability. They know you need clothing you can live in, with breezy silhouettes and feminine designs.

Cindy Johnny Hanna Peplum Top
Cindy Johnny Ada Tank.jpeg
Cindy Johnny Printer Layer Dress.jpeg
Joy Rider Mellow World Bag Ada Tank

For this indie fashion collaboration with Cindy + Johnny, Cute LA was gifted the printed layer dress, ADA tank and Hanna peplum top. These were styled with the Joy Rider Bag from Mellow World, which was a birthday gift! Love the power color, red. The dress and tank, part of the Spring Collection, star in the fashion video created below for Cindy + Johnny. The song is Ludacris feat. Miguel "Good Lovin'." Enjoy!

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What do you think of Cindy + Johnny's Spring Collection?

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