Travel Diaries: Campeche, Mexico

Campeche Mexico Cute LA

Just returned from my trip to Campeche, Mexico for my best friend's destination wedding. It was a fantastic experience, that included staying at the historic Hacienda Uayamon. The Hacienda Uayamon is situated in the outskirts of Campeche, nestled within it's own jungle. This jungle included ruins of buildings from the 1800s, majestic trees, bat caves (I like to call bats "night birds") and the biggest spiders I've seen in person. I already miss the lime margaritas and hope to encounter their deliciousness again one day.

The trip included an excursion to a beautiful Cenote, where we swam, kayaked and zip lined. Monkeys watched from the trees as we had the Cenote to ourselves for the day. Which proud to say, I successfully zip lined, an adventure that's been on my bucket list for awhile. 

The wedding itself, was an intimate gathering of friends and family. With tequila, a variety of Don Julio, flowing and delicious food. In fact, there was a lady making handmade tortillas throughout the night over a fire. In between dancing I took a field trip with guests to one of the bat caves nearby. Honestly, if I wasn't deep in tequila I'm not sure I would have made the decision to do so. What is life without a little (drunken) adventures?

Share in on my trip to Campeche, Mexico through the photos below. 

Cieba Campeche Mexico
Breakfast Campeche Mexico
Tiffy Diamond Ruins Campeche Mexico
Campeche Mexico Writing on the wall
Tiffy Bikini Campeche Mexico
Cenote Campeche Mexico
Tiffy Diamond bikini campeche mexico
my hacienda campeche mexico
Trees Campeche Mexico
Tiffy Diamond Dress Campeche Mexico
Wedding Table Campeche Mexico
FLowers Campeche Mexico
Claudia and Oren Wedding

Happy to be part of this beautiful celebration. A memorable experience that included traveling to a far away land I wouldn't have seen otherwise. It makes me excited for the traveling that lays ahead in 2016!

What has been one of you favorite places to travel to?

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Travel Diaries: New York Business trip

Cute LA Travel Diaries new york.png

I love my job, as an advertising producer, because it allows countless opportunities. Last week, I got an email that a major brand wanted to fly Live Art Love to New York for a brainstorming session that week. This is amazing because I love traveling and NEW YORK is my second favorite place in the U.S. after Los Angeles. Third, is Vegas, for the debauchery reasons but I'll save that for another post.

Anyway, we stayed in Midtown at the Carlton Hotel which was beautiful and walking distance to Madison Square Park. The brainstorming session was a lot of fun. We threw around ideas with some of the smartest people in the advertising world for a brand. During the meeting they referred to us as the "SWAT Team" for advertising. This is our most badass compliment to date. To know you're creative ideas are valuable is a great feeling.

Side note, during the brainstorming session we got to play with play-doh which is an exercise for bringing back childhood imagination. Next time you're trying to think of creative ideas, break out the play-doh!

While in New York, I also fit in a little fun time. I went to my favorite Pizza spot, Artichoke and grabbed drinks at the Ace Hotel and 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar with New York friends. 

New York State of Mind
Tiffy4u Snapchat
Tiffy Diamond Live Art Love
Live Art Love New York
Window View
New York Skyline
Tiffy Diamond blue romper
Tiffy Diamond Blue Romper New York
Tiffy Diamond Blue Romper New York Life
Artichoke Pizza
Empire State Building
Tiffy Diamond and Armani Live Art Love
230 fifth rooftop bar
Ace Hotel
New York Sky
Old Relic Snapchat

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Have you been to New York? Where is your favorite place to travel? Let me know in the comments!

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Travel Diaries: Washington, DC

When you're a hop and a skip from Washington, DC you should probably just go. That's what we did when visiting New York recently. My friend, Claudia and I decided to hop the train and make the trip to Washington since we've never been before. I'm so glad we did, we were greeted with beautiful weather and scenery.

Every place looked like a postcard. The highlight for me was visiting the historical sights and seeing the White House. Especially since Obama is the president! If you visit make sure that you use the Capital Bikeshare program. It makes traveling so much more fun when you can take in the sites by bike.

As full as we were from dinner, we had to fit in Serendipity 3, and no we didn't buy the $1,000 dessert which they have.

As full as we were from dinner, we had to fit in Serendipity 3, and no we didn't buy the $1,000 dessert which they have.

Playing with Decorative Masks.

Playing with Decorative Masks.

Taleen with Claudia photo bombing. 

Taleen with Claudia photo bombing. 

Creepiest   Cat Statue     I've Ever Seen.

Creepiest Cat Statue I've Ever Seen.

Dinner in Washington, DC

Dinner in Washington, DC

Having fun late night with Lincoln.

Having fun late night with Lincoln.

Historical sights. Taking it in at the   Reflecting Pool  .

Historical sights. Taking it in at the Reflecting Pool.

Matching colors at the   Smithsonian    . 

Matching colors at the Smithsonian

Hello there, White House, nice to meet you.

Hello there, White House, nice to meet you.

  Wassily Kandinsky     can be chaotic, I had to be inside that mess. At the Smithsonian.

 Wassily Kandinsky can be chaotic, I had to be inside that mess. At the Smithsonian.

Am I allowed to be in this?   Sam Gilliam     would approve since this is his work.

Am I allowed to be in this? Sam Gilliam would approve since this is his work.

I want my bedroom to have moving lights on the ceiling.

I want my bedroom to have moving lights on the ceiling.

I had a wonderful time during my visit to Washington, DC and traveling by bicycle. On a side note, I did cartwheels around the Lincoln Memorial, if you visit, make sure you do too. 


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Travel Diaries: Amsterdam

Amsterdam Jam

I was spoiled in my first trip out of the country being Amsterdam. If you've visited you know what I mean. It's lovely and I wish I could fit it in my pocket. I had a wonderful time riding my bicycle around Jordaan, visiting the street markets and meeting the wonderful people. When I visit Europe again, I will always make Amsterdam a destination, and you should too. This was the first stamp on my passport and I'm so happy it was.

Heading to Amsterdam with our MOVE Mobile Closets from Max Mirani also rocking the Mint Josephine Boots.

I thought the color of these leaves were pretty. In Amsterdam apartments and businesses share the same buildings.

He owned the restaurant beneath our apartment, he was amazing. 

Claudia and me in front of the Canal.

Street Art, it says: "I play in the city, with everything that exists."

Claudia with the vintage suitcase she bought at one of the street markets. 

Fringe boots are in, what makes mine better than yours? It's that they're from Fab in Amsterdam. By the way, it was a hard choice but I picked the brown.  Love.

Having fun one night!

Karin was a wonderful and beautiful hostess during our stay.

Street Art in Amsterdam.

Dinner and drinks with friends old and new. 

Beautiful home and bike in Amsterdam. Everyone has a bike here. 

Train station.

Itty Bitty Truck. I could probably lift this with one hand. 

Claudia heading to the post office to figure out how to ship her vintage suitcase to the States. 

The view from my window on the last day. It was the first day from my whole trip that rained. SCORE! 



Travel Diaries: Barcelona

Barcelona teach me your Ways

People like to say Vegas never sleeps, I beg to differ, Barcelona never sleeps! The streets are full of people all hours of the night. It's beautiful and full of life. If there was ever a time I wanted to brush up on my Spanish it was after visiting here. The food is delicious and we ended up eating at one restaurant THREE times. It's almost like we became a part of the restaurant's family. We took tours, shopped, ate and got lost in the alleys of Barcelona on a few occasions. I will be back to tackle it some more.


Claudia packing up her Max Mirani MOVE mobile Closet.


My MOVE Mobile Closet is ready for the flight, Barcelona, here we come!


A little blurry, but one of our waiters at our favorite spot in Barcelona, Casa Guinart.


I had this dessert THREE TIMES. At Casa Guinart.


The Sagrada Familia. Beautiful.


The Sagrada Familia.


Claudia giving the pig props. 


Park Guell


Park Guell


Beautiful View from Park Guell. 


Guadi's Mosaic work close up.


Took a lot of takes to get this shot. 


Guadi's  Casa Batllo (Dragon House)