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Christopher George Clothing

Been working a lot lately, which is always a blessing. However, getting sleep is another issue. Really need to work on a schedule that doesn't have me going to bed when the Sun comes up. However, this seems to be an issue most entrepreneurs face. In fact, here's a cool list of successful people who worked at night. Including Obama, so whatever I'm in good company!

Now, let's get to the outfit below, I'm rocking Australian brand, Christopher George Clothing, or CG for short. Founded in 2013, It's an indie company that creates simple high quality shirts that promote a smart-casual lifestyle. This is primarily a menswear company, but they were nice enough to gift Cute LA a black and white shirt in extra small. CG Clothing, puts customers first in creating a seamless online experience. With attention to detail, they're passionate about the designs and fabrics used for their collections. In addition, CG clothing supports people living their dreams. You can often find DJs, Artist, Actors and other Creatives sporting their shirts on instagram. The following CG shirts were styled with my favorite ANI Brand shoes (so comfy) and Jakimac leather harness

Christopher George White Logo Shirt
Christopher George Black Logo Tee

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Do you have any secrets on getting a good night's sleep? Let me know in the comments!

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