4,300 Post-its with Cole & Parker

Tiffy Diamond Commercial 4300 Post-Its

Recently produced a commercial through Live.Art.Love which required 4,300 Post-its to fill a room. Each Post-it had a handwritten message on it. It took a team of five people to write and cover the walls with Post-its over the span of three days. Post-its were still being placed moments before the final scene was shot in the room. When the shoot was over, I wanted to find a way to take advantage of all of the sweat and tears before taking the 4,300 notes down. To have some fun I did a mini photo shoot for Cole & Parker because this room was perfect compliment to their socks.

Tiffy DIamond in Cole and Parker Socks
Tiffy DIamond in Cole and Parker Socks

Wearing Cole and Parker's Ivey League Socks, Denim Super Skinny Ankle by Henry & Belle I like Cole & Parker because their company stands for a great cause. I received a pair of their vibrant socks after I backed their indiegogo campaign a few months ago. They successfully exceeded their goal of $20,000 and made $42,609. Cole & Parker make bold premium socks that stand out while making a difference. Their socks help start businesses in the developing world through Kiva. For every pair of socks sold proceeds are loaned to help entrepreneurs in poverty. As an entrepreneur myself, I fully support the advancement of others starting business to create their own source of income.

Tiffy Diamond Cole and Parker Socks

Wearing Cole and Parker Ivey League Socks, DenimvSuper Skinny Ankle by Henry & Belle.

Learn more about Cole & Parker: Website |  Twitter | Instagram

If you're curious how the entire room looked covered in Post-its, you can see multiple behind the scenes  photos at Live.Art.Love's Instagram.