CottonBin Swap Clothes Online

Cottonbin allows you to swap clothes online with others

CottonBin is a new online destination that allows you to swap your gently worn or new clothes for someone else's. Perfect for those impulse purchases we've wore once before sticking in the back of our closet for eternity. CottonBin gives you a unique alternative if you don't feel like selling or donating. As an avid giver to Goodwill, I decided to change it up and give CottonBin a go. 

Cottonbin allows you to swap clothes online with others via Cute LA

The CottonBin sign up process was easy, just don't forget to order your first swap kit. This kit (pictured below) comes with a shipping bag, prepaid label to ship back to CottonBin for free, and a shipment inventory card to list your items. They have a "what we accept" page to see if your items fit the bill for being swapped. If by any chance your items don't meet the criteria they'll be donated, which is fine, since that's what I would have done anyway.

Cottonbin swap kit via cute la

I created this quick video to showcase how easy the process is with your swap kit!

Just sent out my package, so I'll update this post with the next steps of the process in a few weeks. I'm excited to get my CottonBin points to start swapping. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of CottonBin? What do you do with clothes you don't want?