Entrepreneur Spotlight: Alisha Nicole

Cute LA Entrepreneur Spotlight Alisha Nicole

Alisha Nicole is living the dream as a jewelry designer with her own online boutique, Shop Alisha Nicole. When she's not creating beautiful necklaces, rings and bracelets she's a business consultant and lifestyle blogger. A busy bee, she decided early on that the world of cubicles wasn't for her and took the leap to pursue her passions. Happy to say, she never looked back. For all you jewelry makers out there, Alisha gives insight on jumping into the business. Including what inspired her and she wishes she had known before starting.

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My inspiration for Alisha Nicole is a mix between my love for creating and not being able to find the types of accessories that I was looking for. I wanted things that I could wear daily, whether it being dressed up or paired with a tee shirt and jeans. And I knew I couldn't be the only girl who wanted this. So I decided to give jewelry designing a try and it has been such an amazing experience. Everything from music to different cultures to the bohemian style inspires my work.

Cute LA Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview Questions

Each Alisha Nicole piece is definitely unique in its own way, all the way down to the smallest details. Everything I create is very versatile as well. Many pieces I've see today just look like you HAD to be dressed up while wearing it. I wanted to create timeless pieces that can be dressed up or down. My entire line is really created with the "everyday" girl in mind.

Cute LA Entrepreneur Spotlight Alisha Nicole jewelry designer
Cute LA Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview Questions

After not being able to find anything I was interested in, I started playing around with different materials to see what I could come up with. Some of my earlier pieces were terrible but I kept practicing. I would create bracelets and give them away for free to my friends and family. It wasn't until people outside of them began requesting that I create bracelets for them to purchase that I decided to take my hobby to the next level.

Cute LA Entrepreneur Spotlight Alisha Nicole Quote Jewelry Designer
Cute LA Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview Questions

I wish I would have known more about business in general before I started. I had my design process down packed but it definitely takes so much more than an amazing product to run a business. I would suggest to anyone going into this industry to soak up every little bit of knowledge that they can and to never stop learning. If there is something you are not sure about, make it your responsibility to learn it.

Cute LA Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview Questions

I enjoy being an entrepreneur because I get to wake up every single morning and do something that I love. It seriously never feels like work because I love what I do so much. And it gives me the freedom to enjoy life that I wanted so bad in my previous jobs.

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