Entrepreneur Spotlight: Arteresa Lynn Virtual Stylist

Entrepreneur Spotlight Arteresa Lynn Interview

Arteresa Lynn is a personal stylist from Los Angeles, CA. She has been in the fashion industry for years getting her start working in the marketing department of Guess?. A successful entrepreneur, she recently launched a 7 week virtual styling program called the "Style Transformation Journey." Cute LA had the chance to catch up with her and learn more about this unique program. In the interview below, Arteresa shares wisdom on what she's learned starting her own personal styling business. 

                                       Personal Stylist and Entrepreneur Arteresa Lynn

                                       Personal Stylist and Entrepreneur Arteresa Lynn

// What's the inspiration behind your Virtual Styling Program? //

Arteresa: I started my 7 week virtual styling program when I started receiving comments from women around the world saying they wished they lived in LA so I could style them.  The beauty about virtual styling is that as long as you have access to the internet, you can literally be anywhere and we can still work together! The program (which I call the Style Transformation Journey) combines all of my in-person services for half of the cost.  Each week you are taken to a different “style destination” such as: learning your style personality, the importance of finding out your body type and how to dress it appropriately, and what must have items your should have in your closet.  By the end of the 7 weeks you will know those things, have your own signature style, and a mini lookbook styled by me.  The journey is completely online with two 30 minute phone calls.

 // How did you get started in the Fashion Industry? //

Arteresa: My very first job was working in retail at a clothing store.  I genuinely loved putting outfits together for customers and building relationships.  From there I started styling my friends and family; more so because I loved it.   At the time I didn’'t realize that it could possibly be a career.  This was before stylists were really being mentioned.  While still styling as a hobby, I tried working in corporate in marketing at Guess? but I missed styling.  I began taking classes and workshops in LA, and also read books on styling.  I entered into a mentorship program and after I completed the program I launched my personal styling business.

// What is the most difficult aspect of being an Entrepreneur? //

Arteresa:  The most difficult aspect of being an entrepreneur is that until you have a steady cash flow, you literally do everything yourself.  This may be common knowledge but I don’t think people really get it until you’re actually in it.  I built and designed my website by myself!  Mind you I have NO experience what so ever in this area; well I do now! I'm my own graphic designer, social media team, copywriter, publicist, marketing team, creative…. EVERYTHING! I’'m grateful that my mom is my photographer for my blog! It is a lot of long hours, dedication, and commitment.

// What is the most rewarding aspect of being an Entrepreneur? //

Arteresa: The most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur is seeing your dreams come true and watching all of your hard work pay off.  That feeling is indescribable.  I knew the 7 week virtual styling program was going to be successful by the response I received right before I launched it.  Everyone I mentioned it to from bloggers to seasoned stylists, to everyday women thought it was a great idea.

// What's the best advice for someone who wants to go into fashion? //

Arteresa: I would say to never give up and don'’t get discouraged.  I know you hear this often but it’'s true.  I definitely heard a lot of no’'s before I heard yes.  Always keep an open mind for learning.  You can never know too much.  I am constantly reading books on style, body types, and business; you never stop learning! I also think it’s important to have a great support system.  You will need it during rough times.  I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far without mine.

Visit Arteresa's site to get a week by week breakdown of the 7 Week Style Transformation Journey. You can also email her directly with any questions, comments or suggestions -  style@arteresalynn.com

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