Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jenn Busch of Ahimsa Clothing

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I've always envied the people that are dedicated to yoga. It's actually a goal of mine. The benefits are endless and there's just a care free quality of it that I love. Cute LA had the chance to chat with Jenn Busch, founder of Ahimsa Clothing. A true yogi she blended her love by creating a clothing line with the goal of comfort and a mission of non-violence. Learn more about Jenn and the inspiration behind the name "Ahimsa."

Jenn Busch

// What's the inspiration behind Ahimsa Clothing? //

My intention was to develop a line of clothing that was an extension of my belief system, with the thought--- What we wear becomes an extension of who we are.  Teaching yoga since 1999 and practicing daily was instrumental in the development of my company. The name I chose is a Sanskrit word that is part of an 8 limbed path that forms structural framework for yoga practice.  Ahimsa is defined as the behavior to not injure any person whatsoever.  It is the act of kindness, friendliness and thoughtful consideration of other people and things. I wanted to share my strong belief in this while inspiring and encouraging other women to do the same… so why not do it through clothing… believe it practice it & wear it.

// How did you get started creating it? //

I started creating Ahimsa after I decided on the name and made a commitment to myself to persevere no matter what challenges arose. I researched for about 12 months through different global networking sites, met with many people in the same industry then chose  to partner with individuals and companies that would inspire me and help me grow. 

// What is the most difficult aspect of being entrepreneurs? //

One of the largest challenges thus far for me was gaining enough momentum to actually get my feet off the ground.. As well as the learning curve in areas I had no education in. Like Logistics! It's difficult to be a one women show learn all aspects of the business. 

// What is the most rewarding aspect of being entrepreneurs? //

I am lucky in this business,  a lot of the time I can choose who I work with.  I love to surround myself with like minded people whom inspire me and give me the courage and know how to move forward. 

Ahimsa Clothing

// What's the best piece of advice for someone that wants to become their own boss?//

Stay extremely organized, expect the unexpected, get lots of advice, educate yourself continually and take the time to reward yourself for all the hard work you put in..

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