NNEKA ENURAH Entrepreneur spotlight

Cute LA had the chance to interview Nneka Enurah. She's a Creative Executive who is paving the way for women in Entertainment. She has worked with well known brands including Popsugar and Fox. Happy that she was able to take a break from her busy schedule to chat with Cute LA!

Read on to learn more about Nneka Enurah and what it takes to become a Creative Executive. 


// What inspired you to become a Creative Executive? // 

During my college years, I discovered that I loved anything that would allow me to express myself creatively. I had a passion for telling stories and connecting with people so I wanted to pursue something that would allow for that. After interning at Fox Studios in LA I knew I wanted to work in the entertainment industry.

// What separates you from other Creative Executives? //

I think it can be easy to stick with what you know. Deviating from the norm is harder than going by an established routine or trusted method. I’m all about telling fresh stories and showcasing new worlds. That means not always going along with what the mainstream claims to be buying. I think amazing stories with strong characters can and will always find a home. New platforms are emerging every day. You just need to know where to look. 

// What were the first steps in launching your career? //

The first step is learning everything you can from the people who know the industry best. I enjoyed working under other execs and seeing how and why they made the creative and strategic decisions that they did.  Secondly, the entertainment industry is constantly evolving. The way consumers engage with programming today is not the way it was 20 years ago so it’s also important to continue learning about your industry and new trends. Thirdly, you need to hustle.

Talent is great, but if you aren’t working hard and getting results, it’s hard to advance. From there I think it’s all about seizing opportunities when they arise. In order to do that you need to have worked long enough to recognize them when they come along. For me it was when I noticed more and more platforms emerging as buyers for content. My company had the resources to produce for established names in the industry, so why not partner with new digital networks and platforms as well.

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// What are the most difficult & most rewarding aspects of your career? //

One of the most challenging things about the job is how much time it can take to fully develop an idea. There a a lot of steps that must be taken before you can successfully sell a show. There’s a bevy of research, brainstorming, writing and producing that goes into getting a project ready to be pitched and hopefully sold. It can take anywhere from months to years sometimes and it takes a certain type of person to handle the work that comes with creative development.

The most rewarding aspect is when you get to tell an amazing story. That’s what drives every great creative. Getting an awesome story out there for the world to see and knowing that you played a part in that. It’s an amazing feeling.

// What advice do you have for someone wanting to get into this field? //

Make sure you learn all that you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions or take a risk every once in a while. 

// Anything else you want our readers to know about you? //

It’s exciting to be a woman of color in the creative space today. With the success of shows like “Insecure” and “Atlanta”, more and more diverse stories are being told and it’s empowering to be apart of that narrative. I’m eager to see what the future holds as audiences continue to demonstrate an appetite for these types of stories.

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