Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kate Boyer, Stuntwoman & Actress

How to Become A StuntWoman

We've all at one point thought it would be cool to become a stunt performer. After watching an action movie and seeing how bad ass some of these scenarios can be. In fact, I find it more enjoyable watching a stuntwoman kick ass in a movie than a man. They're more graceful and have smarter techniques. If you've every thought, "how do I become a stuntwoman?" you're in for a treat!

Cute LA had the chance to interview entrepreneur, actress, and stuntwoman, Kate Boyer. Doubling for many of Hollywood's leading ladies. She's swung from a helicopter, been lit on fire and done motorcycle chases. Let's say, she's lives an adventurous life! On top of acting on the big screen, Kate Boyer is starting a juicing business.

Read on to learn more about Kate Boyer. From how to become Hollywood's Go-To Stunt Woman to starting a new company:

Kate Boyer Actress and Stuntwoman

//  What was your inspiration behind pursuing a career in front of the camera? //

In 8th grade NAS’ “I can” was released. “I know I can be what I wanna be, if I work hard at it, I’ll be where I wanna be”. I played that album on repeat until my CD player stopped working. I knew from an early age that acting was my calling, but I was completely unaware of how to get involved. One day I snuck into a SAG meeting and started randomly asking people, "How do you become an actor?" (By the way, I had no idea what SAG was. For the longest time, I thought it was an agency). They told me to get involved with community theater, so I began taking the train to New York and the rest was history. 

//  What separates you from other stuntwomen or actresses that you are competing with for work?   //

The most important thing I’ve learned in this business is there is no other YOU. Having the red hair helps too! I don't have to compete with anyone else but myself; this is my journey. I attribute this mindset/attitude to my upbringing which made me an incredibly determined, strong, and motivated woman.

Kate Boyer Quote on Stunt Performing

//  What were the first steps in preparing yourself for your career and how did you seek out booking work?  //

I discovered stunt performance while working as a production assistant on the TV show Rescue Me. People were jumping out of buildings, being set on fire, crashing cars; I was absolutely amazed and knew that's what I wanted to do. It took me about 3-4 years of training and networking in the stunt community until I landed my first job on the Ben Stiller film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. From there, my career took off. 

Kate Boyer being lit on fire for a stunt.

Kate Boyer being lit on fire for a stunt.

// What misconceptions do people have about stuntwomen or actresses? //

Well for one, I didn’t even know that actresses didn’t do their own stunts until I saw it in front of me. I’m the type of person when I watch a film, I let myself be completely entranced by it. I don’t want to wonder how things are made and who’s doing what, I want to be taken away! That’s hard now that I’ve worked in film, but I still make sure I let myself get lost. 

// What challenges do you face with dealing with rejection as you are your brand/business? //

All this business is, is rejection. I make sure I have a life outside of film; I have things going on. It makes you more desirable when you don’t need the work. Like anything in life, no one likes that needy person, so I don’t need it. I make sure I do things daily that keep me happy and my energy right. It’s all about energy.

Kate Boyer preforming life threatening stunt.

Kate Boyer preforming life threatening stunt.

// What advice do you have for someone just starting out? //

Never forget your roots. It's so easy in Los Angeles to forget our beginnings, why we started to pursue this crazy field in the first place! That's something I refuse to forget. I really want to share my story and remind actors it doesn't happen overnight, I still have so much to do but I believe in myself because if you don’t, know one else will.

// Tell us about your plans to start a juicing business? What’s the motivation behind that? //

I want to bring juice bars to areas of Philadelphia that don’t even have organic options. It’s a dream of mine to bring healthy food to inner city youth that don’t normally have access to organic clean living. I’m from Philadelphia, and we didn’t have the healthiest options growing up. It was only from my cousin getting cancer did I become aware of what it meant to eat clean. It changed my life, and I want to share this knowledge with the girls who were me then, just hustling, trying to get by. Health is wealth. I’m in the beginning steps now.


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