Espalier Sportswear Sexy Fitness Attire + Promo Code!


Espalier is a newly launched active lifestyle brand that weaves sexy styles with designs that can withstand tough workouts. Living in Los Angeles means being surrounded by fitness gods and goddesses. These people put effort into their workout attire like they're about to walk a runway. However, I've learned, looking good can motivate you towards your fitness goals. This company was created by Designer Karen Hsieh, whose mission is to create workout attire that inspires confidence, mirroring the provocative silhouettes of lingerie. Knowing my love of staying in shape,  Espalier gifted me with the Cropped Wideband Bratop. I'm delighted to report, it's padded in the bust and comfortable. Two "must haves" for me!

Espalier Cropped Wideband Bratop via Cute LA
Espalier Sexy Sportswear via Cute LA
Espalier Workout Attire via Cute LA
Flash Tattoos jewelry inspired temporary tattoos via Cute LA

The versatility of Espalier means it doesn't have be limited to the gym. My Espalier bratop was paired with high waisted shorts and Flash Tattoos which are jewelry inspired temporary tattoos. Make sure to check out Espalier's variety of tops, bottoms and coverups. For my next buy I'm already eyeing the the midriff bratop. As an exclusive gift to Cute LA readers, Espalier is offering a 20% discount off this collection until September 10th. Use the Espalier promo code: BBAL3JF2M - Happy shopping!

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What do you enjoy doing for a workout? Would you wear Espalier? Tell me in the comments!