April Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns

Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns to Support

Cute LA is about showcasing indie designers and crowdfunding is a great way to support up coming talent in the Fashion industry. After browsing over 250 Kickstarter campaigns for several hours, these are the top campaigns I contributed to for April. Remember, if you're not able to back a campaign financially, sharing across your social media channels is just as great.

- -  Carte Blanche: Hand-Crafted Dresses Made in NYC - -

Carte Blanche Kickstarter

"The perfect dress is crafted with love and attention," this quote from Monica Noh, founder of Carte Blanche is what drew me to the campaign. Monica is a fashion designer from New York that created Carte Blanche when she saw the need for a change in the fashion industry. Carte Blanche is the first women's brand using crowdsourcing to allow consumers to choose dress styles to go into production. Letting you pick the trends instead of just following them. This process cuts out the middleman offering a line of designer dresses, true to costPerks include: little black dresses, tunics more dresses! 

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- -  Handwoven Collectibles to Save a Vanishing Culture - -

Angel Chang Handwoven Collectibles

Campaign creator, Atelier Angel Chang wants to save a tradition she believes in. In Southwest China, the Miao and Dong ethnic minority have a strong history of creating intricate fabrics and garments for their family. This process of weaving, producing dyes and cotton is time consuming taking weeks to years to create one garment. Creating these fabrics is a labor of love and a tradition that could vanish in the next 5-10 years. Through this Kickstarter campaign Atelier hopes to raise money to create a local training program that strengthens knowledge of this unique craftsmanship. With the goal of preserving this culture's strong heritage for years to come. Perks include: one of a kind wallets, folios, and pouches handmade from Miao and Dong villagers.

Angel Chang Dimen Village

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What do you think of these two campaigns?  Let me know in the comments!