3 Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns To Support Now

3 Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns To Support Now

Years ago the idea of starting a fashion company with no connections to the industry was unheard of. However, with crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the opportunity to jumpstart your career is now a realistic goal. Recently, my friend launched and successfully funded her feature film, The Mermaid, through Kickstarter. I supported her campaign and in the process browsed Kickstarter for other opportunities to contribute. These are the top three fashion Kickstarters to support now.

- - Kinda Fancy Bikinis - -

Kinda Fancy Bikini

The crowd funding video for this bikini company is enough to make you throw all of your money at it. For the sporty girls out there that want to do more than lay out and possibly ::gasp:: get active at the beach this suit is for you. Perks include: Stickers, Hoodies, Tanks and of course Bikinis! What are you waiting for?!

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- - Pappeal: Feather Light Tyvek Bags - -

pappeal tyvek bags

This line of bags is made from Tyvek® paper which makes them super light and durable. In addition, they fold easily to keep several styles stashed in your place. Honestly, with some bags most of the weight IS the bag. The next music festival you can feel light as a feather while holding your cardigan in your backpack. Perks include: Messenger bags, Backpacks, and Duffles. You'll probably want all three, I do.

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- - Ani (As Nature Intended) Shoes - - 

ANI as nature intended shoes

Ani is a company that prides itself in creating shoes so lightweight you'll feel barefoot. In addition to walking on a cloud. Ani shoes are vegan and eco-friendly. The high tops are my personal favorite style. Perks include: Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Did I mention, shoes?!

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Make sure to check out these campaigns and see if they have a perk that entices you to make their dream come true. Even if you don't have the funds to give, tweeting, sharing and spreading the word is all that's needed. I support people because I know if I was in the same position, I'd want a little love too. 

What do you think of these campaigns?

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