Favorite March Kickstarter Campaigns

March 2016 Kickstarter Campaigns

I enjoy browsing Kickstarter campaigns and supporting new campaigns that I find interesting. Without further ado I bring you the Top Kickstarter Campaigns in Fashion, Tech, Beauty, Art, and Design - for the month of March.

Top Fashion Kickstarter
COA Studios Watches

COA Studios - Beautiful Minimal Wristwatches for Men and Women

There is something classy about having a beautiful watch compliment an outfit. COA Studios, a British company, has created a line of sophisticated watches they call, "The Minimal Series." The design of these watches caught my eye and I appreciate the attention to detail. The rose gold being my favorite.

Top Tech Kickstarter
Mighty For Music Streaming

Mighty - Streaming Music Without Your Phone

As an avid music streamer on Spotify I'm excited for Mighty. Which brings music streaming to a tiny device comparable to an iPod shuffle. Meaning, you no longer have to lug a smartphone around the gym. If it lives up to expectations, the Mighty will be a game changer in the music industry. 

Top Art Kickstarter.jpg
Micro Paintings

Beautiful Unique Micro Paintings

Honestly, the video behind this campaign made me laugh. Jason Luper is a talented Surrealist Landscape Artist, with a wonderful sense of humor. This campaign is to help support his "Micro Paintings" which are 6"x6" oil paintings - tiny but full of life. 

Top Design Kickstarter
dotted animal wall decals
kangaroo wall decal

dotted. Artistic Dotted Animals

I'll be honest here, I fell in love with the Flamingo. Which is just one of the dotted animal wall stickers designed by graphic design artist, Yoni Alter. This London based artist created these removable wall decals by using a number of different colored dots. Creating a burst of excitement with an animal hidden inside. 


Proud to have pledged to all of these wonderful campaigns! I wish them all the success in hitting their goals. 

CreaTiffs: What do you think about this campaigns? Which would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

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