Cute LA x Ferris Bueller Teaser Film

Cute LA x Ferris Buellers Day Off Fashion Film

This is the teaser for the Cute LA x Ferris Bueller's Day Off fashion film. Inspired by the John Hughes 80s Classic, it features the Wink & Winn cross body bag. 

Wink and Winn Cross Body Bag

The reason I chose to collaborate with Wink & Winn is because the idea behind their company is innovative and engaging. Through their site, you're able to design your own handbag including style, accents, colors and type of premium leather. Honestly, they had me at handmade, premium leather and designer. Thank You to Music Producer, Dave Cash, who created all of the music for this project. He perfectly captures and blends the most memorable songs from Ferris Bueller's Day Off


P.S. I'm having a  GIVEAWAY for one lucky Cute LA reader to create their own bag from Wink & Winn. Make sure that you're following through the newsletter so you don't miss the opportunity.