Deadpool 2, The Jungle Book, Ghost in the Shell

Film Chat this week, we talk about, Deadpool 2, The Jungle Book and Ghost in the Shell. With my quirky side notes and thoughts added in for good measure.

With the success of Deadpool surpassing $700 million it was only a matter of time before a sequel. Ryan Reynolds will be returning as well ass the creative team behind the original. Also, rumor has it they're trying to get Spider-man to join forces with Deadpool. But don't get your hopes up!

Disney's The Jungle Book film, surprised everyone in their box office results. A sequel is in the talks to bring back the director Jon Favreau and tell more stories of Mowgli. Disney's success is not looking good for Warner Brothers. Who have their own competing The Jungle Book coming out in 2018. 

A lot of controversy around the casting of Scarlett Johansson for Ghost in the Shell. This has rubbed people wrong because Ghost in the Shell is a popular Anime series. Thus, more Asian actresses should have been on the short list for the film adaptation's lead role. The main point is, there is a lack of diversity in Hollywood. The solution starts early on in building more star power in Asian actors and actresses.

To get a more in depth view on all these movies make sure to watch the video!

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