Fischer Clothing: Wardrobe Building Classics {Video}

Fischer Clothing Wardrobe Building Classics

Spring is just around the corner which means blooming flowers and a hint more sunshine. Who am I kidding? There's always sunshine in Los Angeles, don't hate us! The fun part about Spring is that it often means new clothes. Why not add clothes that are in style every season? That's Fischer Clothing comes in.

This Brooklyn based company was created by designer Kristina AngelozziFischer Clothing is meant to be the best friend to your existing closet. These wardrobe building classics give new life to items you already own. Of course, as you'll see, these gems are great stand alone pieces as well. Using hints of color, Fischer Clothing transitions into every season, getting better with age

Denim Shirt Fischer Cloth via Cute LA
Fischer Clothing Jumpsuit via Cute LA

Fischer Clothing uses high quality fabrics from around the world, and manufactures garments in the USA. It's always great to support indie fashion that's locally made. Plus, having designed for GAP and Hanes Kristina is an expert on quality. She's successfully created a brand that blends comfort, style and durability. 

Fischer Clothing Scarf and Denim Dress via Cute LA

For this video collaboration, Cute LA was gifted the Ikat Pattern scarf, Patchwork Denim Charlotte Long Sleeve Dress and the Chambray Dobby Hannah Jumpsuit. The Fischer Clothing x Cute LA video was also made interactive with WIREWAX. How flipping cool is that?! WIREWAX is a cutting edge platform that allows you to make videos engaging and fun. Video music is by new artist, Jarryd James. While watching please make sure to click the bullet points for fun pop ups. It'd make my day! 

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