How To Smile Everyday

This "How To Smile Everyday" infographic was created to show steps to easily implement smiling into your everyday life. We all know that person that just naturally has a smile on their face and makes anyone feel good just being around them. This is a natural trait of successful people - Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Kate Hudson are known to light up a room as soon as they step inside. This is why I channel my inner Tom Cruise, or "TC" every time I walk into an event. I've been smiling everyday for a few weeks now and noticed: meeting more people and having more fun. In case you want to smile more to connect with people, network better, improve love life or ace an interview this infographic is for you!

How To Smile Everyday Infographic via Cute LA

What are some things that make you smile naturally? Are there any additional tips to add to the list?

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