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Cute LA and KAT&GAB Collaboration

Kathleen De Almeida and Gabby Blandino-Vasquez are two ladies on a mission to create their own opportunities. Best friends since childhood, they recently founded the online boutique, KAT&GAB. Their unique store carries a little bit of everything: vintage finds, handmade clothing, home decor, upcycled goodies and refurbished furniture. I love what they did to the jewelry armoire with chalk paint (below).The inspiration behind KAT&GAB is fueled by Kathleen and Gabby's desire to save money for college. 

KAT&GAB Refurbished Jewelry Box
KAT&GAB Refurbished Chalk Jewelry Armorie

 Always one to root for entrepreneurs and small businesses, I was honored when they asked to collaborate on an outfit post. They sent me a lovely vintage wool skirt, silk blouse and handmade patterned denim shorts. What's unique about KAT&GAB is the joy and care given to bring these vintage finds new life. There is a personal touch put in every item they sell. They'll even create custom designs. Given the passion of these budding entrepreneurs, the possibilities are endless with what they can create.

Cute LA x KAT&GAB levi shorts silk blouse vintage
Cute LA Kat&Gab Vintage Wool Skirt
Cute LA Kat&Gab Vintage Silk Blouse and Upcycled Levi Shorts

KAT&GAB is well on their way to becoming a successful small business and lifestyle brand.  With their sharp eye for style KAT&GAB will inspire you to find the beauty in vintage. I'm confident this is just the beginning and their college dreams will come to fruition in no time. Then, they'll be unstoppable.


Two girls taking life into their own hands! What do you think of KAT&GAB?

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