Nasty Gal French Love Dress

Nasty Gal French Love Dress via Cute LA

This outfit spotlight is dedicated to my new Nasty Gal French Love Dress paired with Unif Pyre Heels. The dress is body conscious, hugging the curves with a deep neckline that gives the right amount of sex appeal. Happy to report it's thick material eases any worries of seeing what's underneath. I was drawn to the Unif Pyre heels because they're an unconventional spin on wedges. It takes a moment, but they are comfortable once you break them in, if you're used to wearing heels.

Unif Black Pyre Heels review via Cute LA
Nasty Gal French Love Dress review via Cute LA
Nasty Gal French Love Dress review via Cute LA

Random Thoughts Lately, I'm learning entrepreneurship is about time management. The more successful you become, the MORE you have to create a balance between work and play. As a producer, my schedule is all over the place and often doesn't include weekends. That's why, I recently joined a softball team called "Sons of Pitches." It's a lot of fun and forces me to work my schedule around games. Highly recommend joining an adult sports league  if you want to socialize and make more friends.

What are some fun activities you do to take a break from your work schedule? Love to hear in the comments!

Tiffy Diamond Nasty Gal black and white dress