Entrepreneur Spotlight: Elena Sibiryakova Skinny Bags Founder & CEO

Cute LA Presents Entrepreneur Spotlight Elena Sibiryakova Skinny Bags CEO & Founder

Elena Sibiryakova is the Founder and CEO of Skinny Bags, a new handbag company made in Los Angeles, CA. A true entrepreneur she has worked in all facets of the industry including a fashion buyer and Business Development Director for stylist's platform Looksima. Skinny Bags recently launched their Kickstarter campaign to add additional styles to the collection. Many of you want to have a career in fashion and I'm happy to have Elena give insight on becoming an entrepreneur (hint: a lot of hard work). Enjoy this interview about Elena's life, career and Skinny Bags. 

Interview Elena Sibiryakova Skinny Bags CEO & Founder

I used to work as a fashion buyer for the biggest Russian companies for almost 5 years. In addition, in Los Angeles, I collaborated with a wonderful styling company Looksima, which focuses on American and Russian markets. It was a pleasure to work with talented stylists and bloggers from all over the world. We are still very good friends and you'll often see Skinny Bags in many beautiful looks, created by professional Looksima stylists.

The Inspiration Behind Skinny Bags

Because of my job as a Fashion Buyer, I used to travel all over the USA, Italy, France, Japan, China, Vietnam and other countries. It was a great experience in my life. I collaborated with many brilliant professionals from all over the world. During that time I learned a lot about fabrics and materials, manufacturing processes, product mix and so on. After one year living in Los Angeles, I fell in love with this city and became obsessed with the unique fashion designs created by the local emerging designers. That is how it all started. I reached the point where I decided to share my experience and implement my ideas, inspired by the positive spirit of Los Angeles and sunny California. And as many other women, I have always been obsessed with handbags.

Interview Elena Sibiryakova Skinny Bags CEO & Founder

The design of Skinny Bags is totally unique and notable. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything similar to our purses. Skinny Bags look like books, each purse is made in Los Angeles using soft and elegant lambskin and luxury suede lining. Moreover, fashion lovers can create their own Skinny Bags with a custom title on the purse and tell their own story. I think it’s an amazing way to express an individual style and sophisticated personality.

Cute LA Presents Entrepreneur Spotlight Elena Sibiryakova Skinny Bags CEO & Founder
Advice for people who want a career in fashion

My best advice to someone, who wants to pursue a career in the fashion industry, be prepared to work hard, be persistent and never give up! A career in fashion might seem to be full of fun and glamorous events. In fact, it’s a lot of work and patience. I have always been a workaholic; I have always worked crazy hours. But I believe, if you are a hard worker great things will come. Also, it’s very important to stay persistent and patient about your job. You might hear a lot of rejections until finally success comes your way. Keep being focused and encouraged. 

Becoming a entrepreneur

Most of all, I love that I can always experiment, try different things and campaigns. It’s such a creative process. Meanwhile, it’s very important not to be afraid to fail. I believe it’s better to try and fail than to have never tried at all. Another favorite part of my job is meeting very talented and creative people all over the world. It’s always a great inspiration for me!

Thank you Elena for interviewing with Cute LA! Make sure to connect with Skinny Bags and check out their Kickstarter page to get involved.

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