Swell Caroline Addictive Costume Jewelry {Sponsor}


Swell Caroline is a jewelryboutique filled with high quality costume jewelry and customizable monogram pieces. I'm ecstatic to have them as Cute LA's July Sponsor, perfect timing to accessorize those Summer outfits .

"If all the raindrops were turquoise drops and monogrammed earrings, oh what a rain it would be!" - Swell Caroline

Swell Caroline is a small company run by three lovely people who stay on the hunt to bring you stylish and affordable necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that won't break the bank. What separates Swell Caroline, is the thought and care taken into selecting each design presented in their online boutique and costume jewelry collections. They have a keen eye for charming colorful treasures that can adorn multiple looks and styles. 

The monogram collections of Swell Caroline have something for everyone. They stretch the imagination with the use of colors, gold, silver and acrylic to create a new spin on custom monograms, initial and name jewelry. I'm already daydreaming about rocking this acrylic monogram necklace, myself: 


When becoming a fashion leader your best arsenal is to make an everlasting statement as soon as you walk in the door. It's easier to do with a Swell Caroline one of a kind enhancing your outfit. You'll love the attention so much I'm sure you'll be coming back for more, they don't call it addictive costume jewelry for nothing.

Learn More About Swell Caroline:

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