How To Measure Eyeglasses

How To Measure Eyeglasses Infographic

I've been wearing prescription eyeglasses since the third grade. Which I don't care what anyone says, I blame my need to sit three inches from the television. There's nothing like literally trying to be in the action of Saturday morning cartoons.

Anyway, recently my prescription changed, I hate when that happens. The only silver lining is the chance to buy cute new frames. Proud to say, I never get the overpriced ones from the Doctor's office. I like my eyeglasses to cost less than my mortgage, thank you! I'm a fan of Zenni Optical's affordable glasses and bought the frames pictured. 

Zenni Optical Eyeglasses

I'm happy about my choices. Especially since, I've had my share of failed glasses. It took me years to figure out what works best for my face. If you need help figuring out which frames compliment you. The infographic below is an easy-to-read guide for finding your frame measurements

What Are The Best Eyeglasses For Your Face Shape? - Infographic

Do you wear glasses? Where do you buy your frames?

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Kate Spade New York 2015 Agenda

Lifeguard Press Kate Spade New York 2015 Agenda Review via Cute LA

I enjoy having organized chaos. As an entrepreneur, I have to stay connected to my ever changing schedule. Though I'm technology driven, with google calendar and evernote, I love writing my schedule by hand. Lifeguard Press gifted me this large Kate Spade New York 2015 Agenda because they know my obsession when it comes to planners. Plus, it's never to early to find the perfect one for 2015. I'm picky, my planner must always include: monthly layout, space to write in, the weekly sections and durability. My agendas go everywhere, including meetings, on set, traveling etc. so it has to withstand being tossed around.  

I can't wait to break this 17-month Kate Spade planner in for 2015. My favorite features, other than my must haves, are the pockets in the front and quotes that start each month.

Nasty Gal skirt and cropped top paired with Kate Spade New York 2015 Planner
Lifeguard Press Kate Spade New York 2015 Agenda Review
Lifeguard Press Kate Spade New York 2015 Agenda Review
Lifeguard Press Kate Spade New York 2015 Agenda Review

Lifeguard Press carries a variety of agendas, accessories and stationary. Make sure to include them as your destination when looking for a 2015 agenda or planner. As bloggers and entrepreneurs it's a must have for your busy life.

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How do you organize your schedules? Do you still use agendas and planners?

Let me know in the comments!

Swell Caroline Addictive Costume Jewelry {Sponsor}


Swell Caroline is a jewelryboutique filled with high quality costume jewelry and customizable monogram pieces. I'm ecstatic to have them as Cute LA's July Sponsor, perfect timing to accessorize those Summer outfits .

"If all the raindrops were turquoise drops and monogrammed earrings, oh what a rain it would be!" - Swell Caroline

Swell Caroline is a small company run by three lovely people who stay on the hunt to bring you stylish and affordable necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that won't break the bank. What separates Swell Caroline, is the thought and care taken into selecting each design presented in their online boutique and costume jewelry collections. They have a keen eye for charming colorful treasures that can adorn multiple looks and styles. 

The monogram collections of Swell Caroline have something for everyone. They stretch the imagination with the use of colors, gold, silver and acrylic to create a new spin on custom monograms, initial and name jewelry. I'm already daydreaming about rocking this acrylic monogram necklace, myself: 


When becoming a fashion leader your best arsenal is to make an everlasting statement as soon as you walk in the door. It's easier to do with a Swell Caroline one of a kind enhancing your outfit. You'll love the attention so much I'm sure you'll be coming back for more, they don't call it addictive costume jewelry for nothing.

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Benji Frank Glasses - ONE PAIR, ONE VISION

When I was in 3rd grade I couldn't see the board clearly, so the teacher called my parents and suggested I see an eye doctor. I did, and I needed glasses. As a person with imperfect vision I get to see the world in two ways, very blurry or clear. I can't imagine if I had to live without my glasses or contacts. In fact, I'm sure everyone who has imperfect vision has wondered that at some point. Our vision problems can be corrected so fast we never have to worry about it. However, we take for granted that not everyone in the world is as lucky as we are. 

When the company, Benji Frank, contacted me I jumped at the chance to collaborate. They're a luxury prescription eyeglass and sunglass company, that strives to give visually impaired people around the world clear vision. In fact, I learned through Benji Frank, that 285 MILLION people are visually impaired in other countries. On top of that, 80% could be easily helped and cured. 

Through purchasing a pair of glasses from Benji Frank, whether prescription or sunglasses, you will help restore the vision to someone who needs it. Hence their motto, "ONE PAIR, ONE VISION." After you make a purchase you can choose whether Benji Frank donates a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need (that has never seen clearly!) or to assist with someone's cataract removal surgery. 

I enjoyed modeling for Benji Frank because through everything they also took the time to design chic, high quality frames at a competitive price point. I know they will soon become a favorite. It's a nice feeling to know when you put your glasses on you helped someone across the globe see the beauty in life clearer. 

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Twitter: @BenjiFrank