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Tiffy Diamond Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery
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I didn't know it was possible, but Feeling Smitten has managed to blend my two favorite things into one, relaxing and desserts. Though these sweets aren't edible, they look and smell good enough to eat. During my shoot for Feeling Smitten, I was able to check out an assortment of their delicious bath and skincare items. Feeling Smitten is the only bath bakery I know to carry bath bombs, shower steamers, lotions and scrubs that resemble baked goods. You will find an assortment of skincare goodies including: cupcakes, ice cream cones, gelato, milkshakes and truffles. Best part is you won't feel guilty after indulging. 

Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery

Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream Bath Bomb / Pink Confetti Salt Shake / Cupcake Bath Bombs / Gelato Sugar Scrub

Feeling Smitten states the nutrition facts on the back of each package and you'll be happy to know they use the highest quality ingredients to really treat your body right. These ingredients include: European Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Cocoa Butter. 

This bath and skincare line contain no sulfates or parabens. Making it perfect for sensitive skin.
Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery Products

Gelato Sugar Scrub / Cupcake Bath Bombs / Pink Confetti Salt Shake 

Feeling Smitten products are all handmade and can be customized to fit your needs. Making it lovely for birthdays, bridal showers and parties. There's a reason this brand was featured in Oprah's favorite things. Feeling Smitten bath bakery creates a relaxing and fun experience that allows you to enjoy sweets without feeling anxious about beach season coming up.

Tiffy Diamond Feeling Smitten Gelato

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