Be&D Luxury Sneakers & Handbags



I did a photo shoot for Be&D last month and all I can say is luxury sneakers and handbags, oh my! Have you ever wanted to be casual while still rocking heels? Well, thanks to the clever and innovative designs of Be&D you can. 

The Big City Sneaker comes in an assortment of styles and colors. Which I’m sure you’ve seen in the pages of magazines and on the hottest celebrities around town. Other must have items that have been on the arms of Blake Lively and Katherine Heigel are Be&D’s gorgeous line of handbags. With an impeccable eye for details these handbags are created with the utmost craftsmanship. Be&D handbags are an investment in a quality leather bag that is going to stay a staple of your wardrobe for years to come. Be&D’s bags also includes their signature lining which is sure to make you smile upon each opening.

From sneakers to leather goods, Be&D is the epitome of a brand that shows that modern creativity and luxury can co-exist in high end fashion.

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