How To Brand Yourself On Twitter

Through work, I create strategies for clients on a regular basis that include social media integration. Thought it would be cool to share some of that insight with Cute LA readers. This  Brand Yourself On Twitter Infographic was designed to strengthen your Twitter skills and brand image. Number one tip, if you don't know where to start with any social media, is to be engaging. It will get you on the right path for building a following. Make sure to pin, share and save this infographic for future reference. 

Brand Yourself On Twitter Infographic. Help strengthen Twitter skills and brand image. via Cute LA

Were there any tips missed? What topic would you like covered in a future "Brand Yourself?" Share in the comments.

Cute LA Brand Yourself On Twitter

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Top 5 Easy Blog Design Tutorials

Top 5 Blog Design Tutorials

Happy New Year! Cute LA has a new look and I'm very proud of designing it myself. I'm not a graphic designer so it took a lot of online design tutorials to achieve this look. I did most of the design elements through the free online photo editor,  PicMonkey . Since I'm not the only one who struggles with custom blog headers, sidebar icons, and general blog design - I have New Years gift for you...

Cute LA's Top 5 Blog Design Tutorials:

1.  Make a Custom Header with Clickable Links

2.  Change Post Footer Share Buttons

3.  Create a Cool About Me Widget

4.  Free Social Media Icons (Download!)

5.  Customize Your Tabs and Gadget Titles

These easy graphic design tutorials will help you make your blog look more unique and branded as you continue to gain readers. In addition to the new look, Cute LA will be incorporating more fashion, film, branding and DIY in the upcoming year. If you're on the Cute LA mailing list you will receive exclusive Giveaways and Tips only for subscribers.

Are there any tutorials you want or that have helped with your blog?

Share in the comments! 


Talented Graphic Designer Sarah Gwan

To really separate yourself and show your professionalism it's a great idea to include a logo or design that encompasses your brand. I'm writing this post because a lot of you have complimented me on my new logos and have asked where to get similar designs. They were created by the multi-talented  graphic designer, Sarah Gwan. I'm already obsessed, I've included them in my personal website, as well as my blog post and email signatures.


I met Sarah Gwan when I modeled for Millionaire Lifestyle and she is amazing. She can design websites, logos and business cards. Whatever you imagine she can do. The great thing is she can work with you no matter where you are in the world. She made these for me from Canada! She has a lot of beautiful samples on her website and is the perfect answer to make you stand out.

For more information on Sarah Gwan:

Official Website:

Twitter: @SarahGwan

Email: SarahGwan[@]