ELEVENPARIS Minimalist Allure

ELEVENPARIS Minimalist Allure

Some women demand attention as soon as they enter a room. The reason is, they exude confidence. Confidence is an interesting concept that intimidates many. In fact, we've all had moments that we didn't feel our best. Hell, it's the reason a lot of Stars create alter egos. I find the best tip to gain more confidence, is to pretend to be - after awhile the real confidence will kick in. 

ELEVENPARIS is a Parisian prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) brand rooted in minimalist high quality designs paired with silk screened T-shirts. It was founded by two friends with a vision to combine creativity, contemporary style and pop culture. You’ll find pop culture references that are fun, cheeky and humorous. Some of the designs include models Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne doing finger mustaches.

ELEVENPARIS succeeds in creating a high end company inspired by what’s going on in the cities around us. The celebrities they feature are strong, independent and rebellious. Cara Delevingne changed the perception of models with her unique look and personality. While Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are legendary fierce boss ladies. Have you seen Naomi on Empire on FOX?! She slays. ELEVENPARIS was made to inspire your inner rebel and create some mischief. That’s what life’s about! 

Elevenparis Cara Delevinge T-Shirt
Cara Delevingne Elevenparis Savage shirt
Naomi Campbell Elevenparis Jumper Sweater

For this indie fashion collaboration with ELEVENPARIS, Cute LA was gifted the SAVRA Cara Delevingne "Savage" T-shirt, Suncamp Naomi Campbell Moustache Jumper and FOEBE Jacket. These were styled with a vintage bag from my great grandmother's collection. Love the sparkles! All of these items star in the fashion video below featuring the song”"Elastic Heart" by Sia. 

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Have you ever created an alter ego to feel more confident before a big event? If not, would you? 

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Mellow World x Cute LA Fashion Film

Mellow World is an indie Los Angeles based handbag and accessories company. Creating affordable handmade bags with unique design elements and textures. Founder Lillian Chen, was a classically trained musician before transitioning into the fashion industry. Her discipline and attention to detail show in her variety of totes, clutches, backpacks and coin purses. Showing you never have to limit yourself in business, your skills can expand multiple fields. I stumbled upon Mellow World through Instagram when I saw their Tiffany bag. Already in love with the handbag's name, I was thrilled when they wanted to collaborate on a fashion video.

I styled my giftedTiffany bag with a white button up blouse, black skinny jeans from my Stitch Fix Subscription and handmade earrings from a September Kickstarter campaign I backed. Happy to support a healthy mix of new businesses. What I like about the Tiffany bag is that it includes a zipper closer, inside pockets and a coin purse. Also, the burgundy color and vine texture compliment dressing up or down.

Mellow World Tiffany Bag with Stitch Fix Subscription Jeans via Cute LA
Mellow World Tiffany Bag via Cute LA
Mellow World Tiffany Bag via Cute LA

A lot of Cute LA readers have aspirations of going into the fashion industry. Mellow World encourages future designers and entrepreneurs to collaborate with them in designing their own custom line. This is a great stepping stone for anyone serious about jumping into the fashion world. As an exclusive gift to Cute LA readers, Mellow World is offering a 10% discount off your purchase. Just use the special promo codeMW10CUTELA      

Mellow World Exclusive Discount Promo Code via Cute LA

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Do you have a favorite handbag or accessory? Let me know in the comments! xo

Tiffy Diamond Signature

Espalier Sportswear Sexy Fitness Attire + Promo Code!


Espalier is a newly launched active lifestyle brand that weaves sexy styles with designs that can withstand tough workouts. Living in Los Angeles means being surrounded by fitness gods and goddesses. These people put effort into their workout attire like they're about to walk a runway. However, I've learned, looking good can motivate you towards your fitness goals. This company was created by Designer Karen Hsieh, whose mission is to create workout attire that inspires confidence, mirroring the provocative silhouettes of lingerie. Knowing my love of staying in shape,  Espalier gifted me with the Cropped Wideband Bratop. I'm delighted to report, it's padded in the bust and comfortable. Two "must haves" for me!

Espalier Cropped Wideband Bratop via Cute LA
Espalier Sexy Sportswear via Cute LA
Espalier Workout Attire via Cute LA
Flash Tattoos jewelry inspired temporary tattoos via Cute LA

The versatility of Espalier means it doesn't have be limited to the gym. My Espalier bratop was paired with high waisted shorts and Flash Tattoos which are jewelry inspired temporary tattoos. Make sure to check out Espalier's variety of tops, bottoms and coverups. For my next buy I'm already eyeing the the midriff bratop. As an exclusive gift to Cute LA readers, Espalier is offering a 20% discount off this collection until September 10th. Use the Espalier promo code: BBAL3JF2M - Happy shopping!

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What do you enjoy doing for a workout? Would you wear Espalier? Tell me in the comments!

Lady in Red + NAPA Auto Parts Commercial

Tiffy Diamond Forever 21 body suit and floral skirt via Cute LA

My color of the year is definitely red, I just love the power in wearing it. I'm stepping out of the box and embracing more color. This outfit is from Forever 21 and the shoes are my new favorites from Steve Madden.

Tiffy Diamond Forever 21 body suit and floral skirt via Cute LA

Random Thoughts

Live Art Love's NAPA Auto Parts Television Commercial

A commercial I produced recently was aired during the NASCAR Daytona International. This is a very big deal, and equals the Superbowl to NASCAR fans. It feels great when my commercials air on television or on the web. However, to have air time bought for such a huge event is a major accomplishment for my production company Live.Art.Love. The below screen cap is from our NAPA Auto Parts commercial in case you've caught it on television lately!

Live Art Love's NAPA Auto Parts Television Commercial

How is everyone's summer going? Do anything fun?

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CottonBin Swap Clothes Online

Cottonbin allows you to swap clothes online with others

CottonBin is a new online destination that allows you to swap your gently worn or new clothes for someone else's. Perfect for those impulse purchases we've wore once before sticking in the back of our closet for eternity. CottonBin gives you a unique alternative if you don't feel like selling or donating. As an avid giver to Goodwill, I decided to change it up and give CottonBin a go. 

Cottonbin allows you to swap clothes online with others via Cute LA

The CottonBin sign up process was easy, just don't forget to order your first swap kit. This kit (pictured below) comes with a shipping bag, prepaid label to ship back to CottonBin for free, and a shipment inventory card to list your items. They have a "what we accept" page to see if your items fit the bill for being swapped. If by any chance your items don't meet the criteria they'll be donated, which is fine, since that's what I would have done anyway.

Cottonbin swap kit via cute la

I created this quick video to showcase how easy the process is with your swap kit!

Just sent out my package, so I'll update this post with the next steps of the process in a few weeks. I'm excited to get my CottonBin points to start swapping. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of CottonBin? What do you do with clothes you don't want?