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Christopher George Clothing Less Is More

Christopher George Clothing

Been working a lot lately, which is always a blessing. However, getting sleep is another issue. Really need to work on a schedule that doesn't have me going to bed when the Sun comes up. However, this seems to be an issue most entrepreneurs face. In fact, here's a cool list of successful people who worked at night. Including Obama, so whatever I'm in good company!

Now, let's get to the outfit below, I'm rocking Australian brand, Christopher George Clothing, or CG for short. Founded in 2013, It's an indie company that creates simple high quality shirts that promote a smart-casual lifestyle. This is primarily a menswear company, but they were nice enough to gift Cute LA a black and white shirt in extra small. CG Clothing, puts customers first in creating a seamless online experience. With attention to detail, they're passionate about the designs and fabrics used for their collections. In addition, CG clothing supports people living their dreams. You can often find DJs, Artist, Actors and other Creatives sporting their shirts on instagram. The following CG shirts were styled with my favorite ANI Brand shoes (so comfy) and Jakimac leather harness

Christopher George White Logo Shirt
Christopher George Black Logo Tee

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Fischer Clothing: Wardrobe Building Classics {Video}

Fischer Clothing Wardrobe Building Classics

Spring is just around the corner which means blooming flowers and a hint more sunshine. Who am I kidding? There's always sunshine in Los Angeles, don't hate us! The fun part about Spring is that it often means new clothes. Why not add clothes that are in style every season? That's Fischer Clothing comes in.

This Brooklyn based company was created by designer Kristina AngelozziFischer Clothing is meant to be the best friend to your existing closet. These wardrobe building classics give new life to items you already own. Of course, as you'll see, these gems are great stand alone pieces as well. Using hints of color, Fischer Clothing transitions into every season, getting better with age

Denim Shirt Fischer Cloth via Cute LA
Fischer Clothing Jumpsuit via Cute LA

Fischer Clothing uses high quality fabrics from around the world, and manufactures garments in the USA. It's always great to support indie fashion that's locally made. Plus, having designed for GAP and Hanes Kristina is an expert on quality. She's successfully created a brand that blends comfort, style and durability. 

Fischer Clothing Scarf and Denim Dress via Cute LA

For this video collaboration, Cute LA was gifted the Ikat Pattern scarf, Patchwork Denim Charlotte Long Sleeve Dress and the Chambray Dobby Hannah Jumpsuit. The Fischer Clothing x Cute LA video was also made interactive with WIREWAX. How flipping cool is that?! WIREWAX is a cutting edge platform that allows you to make videos engaging and fun. Video music is by new artist, Jarryd James. While watching please make sure to click the bullet points for fun pop ups. It'd make my day! 

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What do you think about Fischer Clothing? Did you have fun getting interactive with the video? 

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Nasty Gal French Love Dress

Nasty Gal French Love Dress via Cute LA

This outfit spotlight is dedicated to my new Nasty Gal French Love Dress paired with Unif Pyre Heels. The dress is body conscious, hugging the curves with a deep neckline that gives the right amount of sex appeal. Happy to report it's thick material eases any worries of seeing what's underneath. I was drawn to the Unif Pyre heels because they're an unconventional spin on wedges. It takes a moment, but they are comfortable once you break them in, if you're used to wearing heels.

Unif Black Pyre Heels review via Cute LA
Nasty Gal French Love Dress review via Cute LA
Nasty Gal French Love Dress review via Cute LA

Random Thoughts Lately, I'm learning entrepreneurship is about time management. The more successful you become, the MORE you have to create a balance between work and play. As a producer, my schedule is all over the place and often doesn't include weekends. That's why, I recently joined a softball team called "Sons of Pitches." It's a lot of fun and forces me to work my schedule around games. Highly recommend joining an adult sports league  if you want to socialize and make more friends.

What are some fun activities you do to take a break from your work schedule? Love to hear in the comments!

Tiffy Diamond Nasty Gal black and white dress

Tautmun Making Style Simple

Cute LA Collaboration with Tautmun online fashion boutique

Tautmun offers a sophisticated blend of street wear and professional style. This online fashion boutique is an indie business based out of California. With the mission of keeping fashion simple, Tautmun offers minimalist styles with soft silhouettes and accessories to match. They carry a wide range of items lace bralettes, cropped tops, retro sunglasses, stackable rings and blouses.

Tautmun online fashion boutique free shipping with no minimum

I recently had the opportunity to model for Tautmun and was pleased with the quality of their clothes. For the photo shoot I wore their Regent DressLuxembourg Blazer and rings. This outfit was paired with the handbag I designed for Wink and Winn. This look is a perfect combination for spring, and for someone like me who needs to add more pastels to their life. 

Tautmun regent dress and blazer with Wink and Winn Bag modeled by Tiffy Diamond via Cute LA
Tautmun regent dress in melon modeled by Tiffy Diamond via Cute LA

Tautmun is an indie boutique knows how to do business well, they offer free shipping with no minimum which makes it easy for updating the essentials in basic colors and classic cuts.

Tautmun is there to help you achieve effortless style without sacrificing quality. Now I just need go one of my great brunch places in Los Angeles so I can wear this Tautmun while drinking bottomless mimosas. 

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P.S. Tautmun is currently having a SALE!

Pair that with their free standard shipping and score yourself some goodies. I already have my eye on a pair of their shades. 

Ruby Rocks High Street Style

Tiffy Diamond Modeling Ruby Rocks
Ruby Rocks Modeled By Tiffy Diamond
Ruby Rocks Modeled By Tiffy Diamond

Creating flawless silhouettes and bold patterns reminiscent of the 40s and 50s, Ruby Rocks is a brand that shines. It seems fitting that with London Fashion week ending recently I bring you another wonderful London based company. Merging vintage inspiration with a modern twists, Ruby Rocks beautifully showcases styles from the past in a contemporary light. They give a lighthearted take on the latest trends while maintaining their vintage and unique style. Modeling for them I had the pleasure of adding my own LA style to the line, showcasing how versatile Ruby Rocks is wherever you live. 

London is one of my favorite places to visit, and until I visit again, Ruby Rocks allows me to revisit through their collections. As a filmmaker, I love when designers see the importance of film in showcasing their designs. You're able to see how the fabrics flow and fit on the model, while entertaining through another art form. Ruby Rocks has been successful in creating imaginative trailers for all of their collections. 

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Official Website:

Twitter: @RubyRocksLtd