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As a child, I loved the holidays. It was always full of wonder and fun. Christmas growing up was in Denver Colorado. Which meant a white Christmas with snow. I remember when I had my first Christmas in Los Angeles. It was a surreal experience. It didn't feel like the Christmas' that I was accustomed to. I missed the smell of Christmas. The smell of fresh snow. It's a distinctive smell that wraps you up in the holidays.

Regardless, no matter where I celebrated Christmas. One thing ran true, my fear of Santa. It was a love/hate relationship. I loved that he brought me presents. I hated that he had to break into my house to do so. I was a weird child, I don't know why I was so scared of him. Maybe because he was a stranger.  That's the reason I couldn't sleep on Christmas Eve. Not just because of the presents. But also because Santa, the jolly terrifying man, was coming. I  didn't want any conversations or Christmas adventures. Just leave the presents and go, Santa.

My latest video shares my fear of Santa in hilarious detail. Make sure to check it out below:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Small Business Holiday Shopping Guide!

Small Business Holiday Shopping Guide

Every holiday season while people are lining up outside of their favorite stores for black friday, I wait patiently for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. With the new challenge every year to take care of all holiday shopping within those two days. I've been successful a few years in a row now! Which doesn't matter when my best friend, without fail, drags me to the mall the day before Christmas.

I decided to share my favorite small businesses for 2014 and where I plan to get most of my holiday shopping done. I love to give gifts that tell a story and that are unique. A healthy mix of beauty, fashion, and subscriptions. These small businesses are owned by hardworking entrepreneurs that took the steps to make their dream a reality. 

good hYOUman was started by my friend, Brett Novek, in honor of his wonderful father, David Novek, who passed away from cancer. An inspiring company, good hYOUman is made in Los Angeles, CA and includes tops, bottoms and accessories for men and women. Each top is hand screened with a graphic of your choice. Favorites include: "my life story will be a good one," "born to create," and "thankful."

I've been purchasing good hYOUman since day one, they're hands down the softest shirts I own. Highly suggest jumping on their mailing list, they have flash sales all the time exclusive to their newsletter.

good hYOUman: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Commodity Fragrances

I recently did a post on Commodity Goods, and had to bring them back for this holiday guide.  In fact, Commodity Goods has a gift set perfect for the holidays. The gift set allows friends or family to sample ten mini fragrances, pick their favorite online and have the full bottle shipped to them.

I plan on getting this for a few friends, since I find people should have the experience of picking their own scent. This gift will surprise and delight them.

Commodity Goods: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Angela Roi Handbags

First off, Angela&Roi handbags are gorgeous. These bags are made of vegan leather in every color you can imagine. Angela&Roi's mission is "donate by color." Meaning, each bag's color signifies a cause in hopes to bring awareness and support. With the handbag and color of your choice, a percentage is donated to the cause it's associated with.

From your best friend to grandmother there's a cause and style for everyone to believe in. 

Angela&Roi: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

For those beginner DIY people or the more experienced, Darby Smart has a DIY craft kit for them. You'll find DIY kits in fashion, jewelry home decor and food just to name a few. Gift your friends with subscriptions or pick out individual kits that fit their personality.

Last Christmas, with an awesome promo code (from their mailing list!), I gifted myself with a year subscription. It was such a treat to get a surprise in the mail every month. Never disappointed, a lot of kits include supplies to use for many future DIY projects.

Darby Smart:  Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Tautmun Header

I worked with Tautmun earlier this year and love their branding - minimalist and stylish. You'll find great basics, sweater, knits, accessories etc. at an affordable price point. You can stock up for all your girl friends, sorority sisters and secret santas. In addition, there's a black friday sale going on now and free shipping in the U.S. with no minimum

You can't go wrong with Tautmun for those that like classic styles in black and white. We all have those friends that make a white t-shirt look flawless. This is the store for them this holiday.

Tautmun: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Alima Pure Header

I love make up, I buy it from everywhere at all price points. However, when it comes to everyday wear, I stick with Alima Pure. It's a natural cosmetics line that allows you to find the perfect match for your skin. They understand diversity and all skin is not created equal.

This gift is perfect for the beauty obsessed in your life. Get them on mineral based makeup and their skin will thank you for it. Bonus, I have sensitive skin and this never breaks me out. 

Alima Pure: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Do you have a favorite small business you plan to shop at this holiday season? Shout them out in the comments! Would love to learn about them.

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Please Note: I wasn't paid to include any of these businesses and I do NOT belong to any affiliate programs. :)