Vision For 2015

My Vision for 2015 Affirmations and Goals

Dear 2015,

You have your work cut out because 2014 was ridiculously good to me. Therefore, I'm expecting big THANGS from you, not things, THANGS. I'm a dreamer and have always believed in the power of them. With that being said, I look forward to another blessed year with healthy family and friends. Here's the top 5 affirmations I have for 2015 in each avenue of my life - Career, Personal and Fashion Blogging. Since these are affirmations, they're written in the present tense, as though they are happening now. Putting good energy out there for the law of attraction.

Career Affirmations
  • Successfully added more Team Members - Cinematographers, Grips, PAs, Audio etc. to Live.Art.Love with ability to tackle multiple productions at once.
  • Amount of digital/television projects produced per month has doubled with more international productions.
  • Pre-production on our first Feature Film has began, slated for 2016 release. Talented crew and cast have come together to bring a fantastic screenplay to life for festivals and worldwide distribution.
  • Research and planning for two new businesses has started. Creatives and investors on board to see them come to fruition.
  • Have built a strong community through - events, workshops, blog, mentorships, social media and newsletter.
Blog Affirmations
  • Happy to be blogging consistently following a set schedule that works best for me.
  • I've connected with wonderful indie designers, brands and fellow bloggers. Expanding my community and supporting these wonderful individuals.
  • I help aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their passion. Encouraging and teaching through public speaking, answering questions and experience.
  • I enjoy giving back to Cute LA readers through monthly giveaways
  • Attend more L.A. fashion events to cover and showcase on Cute LA.
Personal Affirmations
  • Love maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes working out, dance classes, golf and hiking. With the addition of tennis lessons.
  • Enjoy furthering my knowledge and passions through classes - woodworking, creative and out of the box.
  • Daily meditation, prayer and gratitude journal.
  • I've found a wonderful band of musicians to play guitar with and "jam" on a regular basis for fun.
  • Having fun traveling with loved ones! Date nights, drinks with friends and dinners with family.
The Alisha Nicole

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How To Smile Everyday

This "How To Smile Everyday" infographic was created to show steps to easily implement smiling into your everyday life. We all know that person that just naturally has a smile on their face and makes anyone feel good just being around them. This is a natural trait of successful people - Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Kate Hudson are known to light up a room as soon as they step inside. This is why I channel my inner Tom Cruise, or "TC" every time I walk into an event. I've been smiling everyday for a few weeks now and noticed: meeting more people and having more fun. In case you want to smile more to connect with people, network better, improve love life or ace an interview this infographic is for you!

How To Smile Everyday Infographic via Cute LA

What are some things that make you smile naturally? Are there any additional tips to add to the list?

Let's discuss in the comments!


5 Steps To Make Your Passion A Priority

5 Steps to Make Your Passion a Priority via Cute LA

The first step to any major accomplishment, is change. In order to live the life you want, you have to be prepared for sacrifices, lost friendships, and a lot of hard work. However, if you're working towards what excites you then the journey will be full of growth. People that live the life they have dreamed, do so because it is full of what they're passionate about. I found creative career happiness recently making a living from what I love to do. It's a rewarding experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. 

Find Your Passion via Cute LA

I define passion as a hobby that you enjoy doing and will always do regardless if you get paid. When I started in filmmaking, I did it with my friends for fun. There was no ad agency or major studio funding our work, it was just for the love of art. Take a moment and write down your favorite activities and pastimes. It can be ANYTHING, don't be embarrassed write it down. From here you'll get a taste of who you are.

5 Steps to Make Your Passion a Priority via Cute LA

With your list, pin point what you want to learn more about. You can take classes, or my favorite, ask I tell people I received my Masters from Google University, I use it everyday for educating myself. If you know people successful in the field you want to be in, follow them on twitter, send them an email. You would be surprised at who will email you back and share wisdom.

5 Steps to Make Your Passion a Priority via Cute LA

Schedule time on the weekends or after work to fit in what you love to do. This is where the sacrificing comes in. It takes a lot of discipline to go from a 9-5 job all day, to another job. However, remember which one you love the most and the long term benefits. Start with an attainable timeframe, twenty to thirty minutes, being active towards your goals everyday. Set an alarm, schedule it and be strict with  yourself. Once this is complete move up your time to an hour or more. This creates positive habits.

5 Steps to Make Your Passion a Priority via Cute LA

There are multiple detours that will get you to the same destination. Tina Fey, one of my idols, was  a writer before she had the opportunity to get in front of the camera. If she had never learned those skills, she wouldn't have become the public figure we know now. Be open to taking other paths to your dream. It all connects and gaining skills related to your field keeps doors open for opportunities to step in.

5 Steps to Make Your Passion a Priority via Cute LA

Breathe, this is your time to shine. Your life is not parallel to anyone else's so don't compare yourself. As long as you're taking steps even small ones, you're making progress. Celebrate the small achievements and you will always be proud. This is not a sprint, it's a marathon. There are no over night successes. True handwork and dedication is what brings triumph. If you get in a rut, remind yourself "this day is not forever," and that a better day is just around the corner.  

What is your dream job? How are you going about making it a reality?

Share in the comments!

Tiffy Diamond Cute LA

Creative Career Happiness

Madeliene L'Engle Quote Cute LA
Madeliene L'Engle Quote Cute LA

I've gotten a lot of emails, tweets and messages asking where I've been! I definitely haven't forgotten about Cute LA and it's lovely readers. The last few months I've been immersed in Creative Projects through the Production Company, Live.Art.Love, that I Co-Founded. These projects include producing Commercials, Creative Strategies, Content Marketing etc for established brands and businesses.

This has made me the busiest I've ever been, often working around the clock for client's projects. However, it's an unbelievable feeling to have your passions turn into a career. I welcome this Entrepreneur chapter into my life since I've been working towards it for years.


With that being said, I'm on a (mini) Cute LA Hiatus as I try to organize my work schedule. Upon my return, I'll introduce some innovative ideas I've been planning for Cute LA, that will merge my love of Fashion and Film. Change brings growth and fresh perspectives to my life. You all keep me updated on what's fresh in fashion. I will always find time to visit your blogs and comment. Don't you forget about me. 


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New Years Resolutions!


I was going to write out my New Years Resolutions. Then I stumbled upon this and I thought, well that pretty much sums it up.

Also, I've been on a bit of a holiday break. Just wanted to let you know I'm coming back full swing and have a lot of great shoots coming up. I'm excited to share all these new designers and brands I'm working with for 2013. Let's all make our dreams happen this year, I know I am. xo