Trollied Dolly Spring/Summer '13 Collection

Tiffy Diamond Trollied Dolly Peplum Top
Tiffy Diamond Trollied Dolly Peplum Top

Favorite London based brand, Trollied Dolly has done it again. As you know, I modeled their winter collection a few months ago and introduced you to this lovely company. Well, I'm happy to be  reunited as the first to model the latest Trollied Dolly S/S 2013 Collection here in the States.

Hello Boys Peplum Top     - Navy Yachts |   Cream Birdie     (Above)

Hello Boys Peplum Top - Navy Yachts | Cream Birdie (Above)

Trollied Dolly specializes in retro inspired dresses, but I'm thrilled to see them introducing peplum tops to their Spring and Summer collection! These new prints and designs will transition well into the warm months ahead. In fact, the colors make them perfect for pairing with a multitude of skirts, shorts and pants. 

Knot a Problem Top     - Navy Flock of Birds

Knot a Problem Top - Navy Flock of Birds

Trollied Dolly never disappoints in taking the traditional and bringing it to life with patterns and inspirations from all over the world. These "dollies" travel far and wide to provide the beautiful  combinations of colors and illustrations not seen anywhere else.

Watch the Birdie Dress     - Navy Flock of Birds

Watch the Birdie Dress - Navy Flock of Birds

As an exclusive gift to Cute LA readers, Trollied Dolly is offering 25% discount off this collection till June 14th. Just use the Trollied Dolly promo code: tiffylovestrollied25

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Brat and Suzie Unique Animal Prints

Tiffy Diamond modeling Brat and Suzie

Brat and Suzie is a London brand founded by twin sisters, Polly and Charlotte, they specialize in blending their love of animals with their passion for designing. Using soft fabrics,  Brat and Suzie create lively t-shirts, vests, sweaters and dresses that feature cute animals in eclectic ways. Whether it's a Dalmatian wearing hipster glasses or a mouse enjoying a seat in a cup of tea.

Brat and Suzie's Motto is "Young, Fun and British," I'm not from London but I feel like an honorary member. 
Tiffy Diamond modeling Brat and Suzie

Shirts I'm rocking in first two photos:  Hippy Dog Burnout Tee and  Teacup Mouse T-Front Shooting with Brat and Suzie I experienced first hand the high quality craftsmanship put into each style.  A definite Spring staple these shirts are light and breathable. Working with talented illustrators from all over the world Brat and Suzie's collection is fun, quirky and changes with the season. You're sure to find an animal that fits your personality and fashion sense.

Tiffy Diamond Modeling Brat and Suzie Dress

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Ruby Rocks High Street Style

Tiffy Diamond Modeling Ruby Rocks
Ruby Rocks Modeled By Tiffy Diamond
Ruby Rocks Modeled By Tiffy Diamond

Creating flawless silhouettes and bold patterns reminiscent of the 40s and 50s, Ruby Rocks is a brand that shines. It seems fitting that with London Fashion week ending recently I bring you another wonderful London based company. Merging vintage inspiration with a modern twists, Ruby Rocks beautifully showcases styles from the past in a contemporary light. They give a lighthearted take on the latest trends while maintaining their vintage and unique style. Modeling for them I had the pleasure of adding my own LA style to the line, showcasing how versatile Ruby Rocks is wherever you live. 

London is one of my favorite places to visit, and until I visit again, Ruby Rocks allows me to revisit through their collections. As a filmmaker, I love when designers see the importance of film in showcasing their designs. You're able to see how the fabrics flow and fit on the model, while entertaining through another art form. Ruby Rocks has been successful in creating imaginative trailers for all of their collections. 

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