LOOKSIMA Online Professional Stylists


Sign up for LOOKSIMA through email or using Facebook My newest sponsor, LOOKSIMA was founded 2011 in New York City by Alex Bochkarev and Nadia Bochkarev who bring their entrepreneurial expertise and love of fashion to this innovative online venture.

LOOKSIMA which stands for Looks I Most Adore, gives women and men the ability to have a professional stylist without leaving the comfort of their home for free! 

Through their online interface, you create a style profile. Once this is complete, their team of professional stylists recommend entire looks and outfits based on your fashion preferences, need and occasion. With the help of a LOOKSIMA online stylist you can get the best out of party, business and everyday outfit choices.

Example of LOOKSIMA Style Profile

A Stylist Recommendation which includes the option to purchase the whole look or individual pieces. In addition, every time a look is recommended, you have the option to buy the entire outfit or part of it via a link to the right that takes you directly to the online store selling the item. No guilt or pressure from going into a shop, the choice is up to you. Regardless, you have new inspiration that fits your style.

This visionary platform is the next step in bringing together professional stylists, fashion bloggers, designers and online retailers to change the way they gain access to the latest fashion trends and news from all over the world. Make sure to check out the LOOKSIMA short introduction to officially see all the benefits of their online styling. 

To Learn More About LOOKSIMA: www.LOOKSIMA.com


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