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Travel Diaries: New York Business trip

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I love my job, as an advertising producer, because it allows countless opportunities. Last week, I got an email that a major brand wanted to fly Live Art Love to New York for a brainstorming session that week. This is amazing because I love traveling and NEW YORK is my second favorite place in the U.S. after Los Angeles. Third, is Vegas, for the debauchery reasons but I'll save that for another post.

Anyway, we stayed in Midtown at the Carlton Hotel which was beautiful and walking distance to Madison Square Park. The brainstorming session was a lot of fun. We threw around ideas with some of the smartest people in the advertising world for a brand. During the meeting they referred to us as the "SWAT Team" for advertising. This is our most badass compliment to date. To know you're creative ideas are valuable is a great feeling.

Side note, during the brainstorming session we got to play with play-doh which is an exercise for bringing back childhood imagination. Next time you're trying to think of creative ideas, break out the play-doh!

While in New York, I also fit in a little fun time. I went to my favorite Pizza spot, Artichoke and grabbed drinks at the Ace Hotel and 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar with New York friends. 

New York State of Mind
Tiffy4u Snapchat
Tiffy Diamond Live Art Love
Live Art Love New York
Window View
New York Skyline
Tiffy Diamond blue romper
Tiffy Diamond Blue Romper New York
Tiffy Diamond Blue Romper New York Life
Artichoke Pizza
Empire State Building
Tiffy Diamond and Armani Live Art Love
230 fifth rooftop bar
Ace Hotel
New York Sky
Old Relic Snapchat

A lot of New York adventures were chronicled through Snapchat, make sure to follow @Tiffy4u to see behind the scenes of my life in my snapchat stories.

Have you been to New York? Where is your favorite place to travel? Let me know in the comments!

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Travel Diaries: New York

New York, New York

From my trip to New York. It was a lot of fun catching up with old friends and enjoying the pizza, pretty much everyday. I miss you Artichoke! I'm sadden by what happen to New York during Hurricane Sandy, and I'm hoping we can rebuild what we lost.


Welcome to New York!


Getting drinks in Soho with my friends Annette and Claudia


Claudia With Max Mirani's Michael Bettua.


Me with Michael Bettua founder of Max Mirani. I used their luxury MOVE Mobile Closet throughout my trip.


Rainy Days in New York


I wish you could have seen what was inside of this box. It was filled with love and Artichoke Pizza. Which I already miss dearly!


It's drawn on the wall, art in Caracas Arepa Bar in New York.


They said we can't take photos, well we did. In the Guggenheim Museum in New York. 


At JFK awaiting my flight to Amsterdam with my MOVE Mobile Closet by Max Mirani and my Mint Josephine boots (comfy & waterproof!). 



Rocksmith New York City Style


Rocksmith NYC

Sometimes I get to model dope lines that throw me to cities I love to visit. That's what my Rocksmith shoot did, when it threw me to the streets of New York. I'm not cool... But rocking this made me feel cooler than I should be allowed. Blending streetwear with hip-hop, nothing will give you more credibility than Rocksmith.

Founded in Tokoyo it now calls the streets of New York home. If you recognize it, that's because it's worn by most of your favorite Hip Hop artists and celebrities. Best thing about being confident in your style, is that you don't have to fit in a box. Clothes don't have to be skin tight to be sexy. Wear whatever the hell you want with flair. Take a cue from Rocksmith and embrace your individuality and roots. Just make sure no matter what, you're being true to yourself. 

To learn more about Rocksmith NYC:

Official Website: