Butterflyzebra Modern 60's Style


Shooting for Butterflyzebra allowed me to tap into my 60's style a bit. Rocking the red lipstick and heavy liner I was ready to be transformed to an era all about art and muses. Deriving it's name from the Jimi Hendrix song, "Little Wing,"

Butterflyzebra gives women a way to artistically express themselves through fashion. This luxury brand is proud to be designed and produced in the beautiful Los Angeles, California. With soft fabrics, flattering silhouettes, and bursts of color Butterflyzebra is for the free spirit in us all. The line is primarily wrinkle resistant and can easily be worn from day to night, casual or dressy it's versatile and all about how you interpret the style.

The metamorphosis of fashion and style is what Butterflyzebra captures perfectly.

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Fabrix Photoshoot



It’s important as a true curator of fashion that you know how to dress your gadgets up to represent you in the most stylish way possible. However, that can be hard when the affordable cases aren’t aesthetically pleasing and the cool cases are too expensive. That’s where Fabrix comes in, blending unique designs, one of a kinds pieces and affordability. Working with Fabrixshowed me how fun it is making your iPhone, iPad, tablet, kindle, laptop etc. fit your personality. In a world where everyone clambers for something original this is a perfect way to start. If you’re like me I know your iPhone and iPad don’t leave your hip, so it should be styled as an extension of how fabulous you are.

Fabrix is a strong believer that products should look and feel good. That’s why they stay away from the plastic and silicon instead using soft fabrics for all of their carrying products. These cases feel like your items are enclosed in a pillow. Fabrix has an eye for detail and makes sure each texture and design is done by a skilled craftsmen. How cool is that!? To keep these cases affordable, each one is made to order which means all the designs come in limited quantities. Nothing screams “must have” more than exclusivity and I love it! 

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