Ruby Rocks

Ruby Rocks High Street Style

Tiffy Diamond Modeling Ruby Rocks
Ruby Rocks Modeled By Tiffy Diamond
Ruby Rocks Modeled By Tiffy Diamond

Creating flawless silhouettes and bold patterns reminiscent of the 40s and 50s, Ruby Rocks is a brand that shines. It seems fitting that with London Fashion week ending recently I bring you another wonderful London based company. Merging vintage inspiration with a modern twists, Ruby Rocks beautifully showcases styles from the past in a contemporary light. They give a lighthearted take on the latest trends while maintaining their vintage and unique style. Modeling for them I had the pleasure of adding my own LA style to the line, showcasing how versatile Ruby Rocks is wherever you live. 

London is one of my favorite places to visit, and until I visit again, Ruby Rocks allows me to revisit through their collections. As a filmmaker, I love when designers see the importance of film in showcasing their designs. You're able to see how the fabrics flow and fit on the model, while entertaining through another art form. Ruby Rocks has been successful in creating imaginative trailers for all of their collections. 

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