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Angara Jewelry

Angara Jewelry Men's Wedding Bands via Cute LA

Angara, is the jewelry gemstone destination for everything that sparkles: Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Tanzanites. Honestly, I can't pick a favorite I want them all. However, this post isn't about the ladies, it's about the overlooked importance of men's wedding bands. I'm not getting married, but some of my close friends are so I'm witnessing a lot of wedding preparation. I've noticed, the bride-to-be has a large variety when it comes to wedding rings, while the fiancee is left with few options.

When the first wedding ring was exchanged via Angara Jewelry
When the first wedding ring was exchanged via Angara Jewelry

Angara which means "fire within" makes sure to dedicate time to the men looking for a more creative way to express their love and commitment. Angara provides a variety of Men's wedding bands that can be customized to fit the groom's taste. Styles include bands that are solid, include gemstones, engraved or sculpted. They come in a range of prices and similar to women's wedding rings, you can select the cut and grade for gemstones.

Angara Jewelry Men's Wedding Bands via Cute LA

Angara jewelry makes ring shopping a memorable experience for both partners starting the next big chapter in their lives.

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What does your dream wedding look like? Let me know in the comments.


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Bandelettes Keep Your Thighs Comfortable

Bandelettes Lace Thigh Bands for anti chafing via Cute LA

Bandelettes is the first product to successfully tackle irritating thigh chafing while staying fashionable. Thigh chafing, is when your thighs rub together often creating a rash, embarrassment or discomfort.  It's most common when walking in skirts, dresses or shorts. The interesting thing is, women of all sizes can experience the problem, though many never talk about it. Well, thank goodness Bandelettes saw the need to address this common issue with style and comfort at the forefront.

Bandelettes Lace Thigh Bands for anti chafing via Cute LA

Bandelettes resemble lingerie giving a sexy and glamorous look. They have lace details and come in colors: red, beige, black, white and caramel. They stay up thanks to two strips of silicon. This means they can be worn throughout the day with no rolling and slipping. Bandelettes are also the perfect gift to give the bride-to-be, so she can enjoy her day in comfort. Proud to have a one of a kind, female run business as a sponsor for April. The best entrepreneurs are the ones who tackle a daily problem with a brilliant solution; Bandelettes does this to perfection.

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Tiffy Diamond Cute LA

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Arteresa Lynn Personal Styling in Los Angeles

Arteresa Lynn Affordable Personal Stylist in Los Angeles via Cute LA

Thanks to Arteresa Lynn, you don't have to be a celebrity to have the luxury of a personal stylist. A fashion blogger and style guru Arteresa brings her expertise to Los Angeles to provide the perks of affordable personal styling, to everyone. Currently the Marketing Coordinator for Guess, Arteresa Lynn has a background in personal styling having studied at The School of Style in L.A. and Wardrobe 911's Training Institute. Arteresa's personal fashion tastes are seen through her blog, where she shares OOTDs and styling tips.

Arteresa Lynn Personal Styling Services Menu Los Angeles via Cute LA

Her menu of services includes style consultation, closet sweeps, personal shopping, vacation outfit coordination and more. My personal favorites are:

The Closet Sweep

Arteresa will clean out and organize your closet. She'll tell you what to keep, sell and alter. In fact, she has a great DIY blog post, 8 Steps To Organize Your Closet like a Pro, that helps you get started on this overwhelming task. I love this one because it guarantees assistance in those hard to make decisions.

The Personal Shopping Experience

Arteresa will meet you at the store of your choice or home. If you choose meeting at a store, you'll be welcomed to a dressing room full of handpicked clothes ready for you. If you opt for her to come to your house call means, she'll bring the clothes to you. Arteresa does the legwork - shopping, returns, exchanges - so you only worry about trying on the selections. Let's be honest, half the battle with shopping is finding clothes that fits your body and personality, Arteresa makes it a breeze.

Arteresa Lynn Affordable Personal Stylist Los Angeles via Cute LA

Arteresa Lynn makes you wish she was your shopping buddy, good thing wishes come true. 

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What service would you receive from Arteresa Lynn? Share in the comments!


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Vintage Five Chanel Jewelry

Vintage Five Authentic Chanel Jewelry via Cute LA

Cute LA Sponsor, Vintage Five finds the best authentic vintage Chanel jewelry so you don't have to. Every girl deserves a piece from the iconic designer, Coco Chanel, in their jewelry box. Vintage Five has been curating and selling vintage Chanel for over five years. Being an expert in their field, they teach novice and experienced vintage shoppers what to look for in authentic Chanel jewelry. I found this helpful because anyone starting out in thrift stores, estate sales and vintage shopping will find their tips and suggestions helpful. 

Coco Chanel Quote Fashion is in the sky via Cute LA

Growing in popularity, Vintage Five is gaining trust in the industry by providing high quality Chanel finds. With prices ranging from the hundreds to thousands, you can find a piece within you budget. These timeless earrings, bracelets, and necklaces create the perfect classic touch to any wardrobe. 

Vintage Five Authentic Chanel Jewelry

Let's face it, sometimes you have to spoil yourself, let it be with Chanel.

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Have you ever bought a designer treasure for yourself? What was it?

Share in the comments lovelies!


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Swell Caroline Addictive Costume Jewelry {Sponsor}


Swell Caroline is a jewelryboutique filled with high quality costume jewelry and customizable monogram pieces. I'm ecstatic to have them as Cute LA's July Sponsor, perfect timing to accessorize those Summer outfits .

"If all the raindrops were turquoise drops and monogrammed earrings, oh what a rain it would be!" - Swell Caroline

Swell Caroline is a small company run by three lovely people who stay on the hunt to bring you stylish and affordable necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that won't break the bank. What separates Swell Caroline, is the thought and care taken into selecting each design presented in their online boutique and costume jewelry collections. They have a keen eye for charming colorful treasures that can adorn multiple looks and styles. 

The monogram collections of Swell Caroline have something for everyone. They stretch the imagination with the use of colors, gold, silver and acrylic to create a new spin on custom monograms, initial and name jewelry. I'm already daydreaming about rocking this acrylic monogram necklace, myself: 


When becoming a fashion leader your best arsenal is to make an everlasting statement as soon as you walk in the door. It's easier to do with a Swell Caroline one of a kind enhancing your outfit. You'll love the attention so much I'm sure you'll be coming back for more, they don't call it addictive costume jewelry for nothing.

Learn More About Swell Caroline:

Facebook: Facebook.com/swellcaroline

Twitter: @SwellCaroline

Pinterest: Pinterest.com/SwellCaroline