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Vespertine Machine Summer Style

Tiffy Diamond Vespertine Machine Cropped Tank
Tiffy Diamond Vespertine Machine Cropped Tank

Premium street wear brandVespertine Machine, recently contacted me again to model for their Summer Collection. It was the perfect excuse to get started on my tan (yes, brown people can tan). The growth of this street wear brand and evolution of their designs in just a few months has been phenomenal. I modeled for their Fall Collection last year, which featured their raccoon mascot getting into all kinds of mischief. This time around, I modeled their new Nocturnal Nation cropped tank. This soft cropped tank is a great piece to wear alone, over a bikini or layered.

"If you feel a strong connection to Calvin and Hobbes, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Where the Wild Things are, then this brand is for you." -VM
Tiffy Diamond Vespertine Machine Cropped Tank
Tiffy Diamond Vespertine Machine Cropped Tank

Rocking the VespertineNocturnal Nation Cropped Tank Vespertine Machine, is a brand created by young people to encourage rebellion and memories that will last a lifetime. 

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We're all artists. Some of us embrace it and some of us hide behind a desk. Vespertine Machine is a line for all of us, it plays with our alter egos, and the people we become when we let the mischief take over. Created by a fellow filmmaker, I couldn't be happier to represent this brand. 

Vespertine Machine is not just for the devious, but also the ones who can no longer tee pee a house for the hell of it. This brand lets you at least represent a fun and carefree lifestyle, even if you can't have one right now. With colorful characters and thought provoking slogans, you'll definitely evoke some interesting conversations. And who doesn't want to make new friends?

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