Max Mirani MOVE Luxury Luggage

Max Mirani Move Mobile Closet Tiffy Diamond
Max Mirani Move Mobile Closet Tiffy Diamond

Max Mirani’s MOVE Mobile Closet line caters to the jet setters and sophisticated travelers in us all. This luxury luggage is different from the norm because it actually turns into a mobile closet(hence the name). It was developed for the people like myself, and I’m sure most of you, who travel and live out of their suitcase. As soon as I enter a hotel room my clothes become a mess and I’m never anywhere long enough to unpack everything. That’s where this lovely Move Mobile Closet comes in handy. As soon as you open it, everything is organized and you can hang the luggage in the closet. What’s also great, for the travel shoppers, is the lining transforms into another bag. 

I know it’s just a matter of time before everyone is walking around the airports with this beauty. But, I’m excited to say I was the first one to model it.

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