Patrons of Peace


The best thing about Los Angeles, there is no one style. You can embrace as many personalities and eras as you want and be accepted in all. I had the wonderful opportunity to model for Patrons of Peace recently. A company that is true to their style and name, Patrons of Peace embraces the true Bohemian. With floral patterns, soft fabrics, flowing skirts, and breezy tops; you feel the true spirit of 70's fashion. Perfect for when you need a change and want to embrace your inner flower child by feeling lovely and comfortable. If only every time you wore Patrons of Peace there was a concert in the park, all would be right in the world.  

No true fashionista should be without a few pieces that cater to her inner goddess. Outfits, that with the right eye, can take you from watching waves at the beach to having dinner at your favorite restaurant. You won’t find a company that creates a true vintage california style like Patrons of Peace.

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